Natural gas transportation fueling infrastructure specialist, Trillium CNG in August stretched its compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling facilities literally nationwide, opening new stations in San Jose, CA, and Richmond, VA.

Aiming to serve waste hauler Green Team of San Jose, Trillium has provided a slow-fill CNG fueling facility for Waste Connections, a Green Team subsidiary with 18 current Peterbilt-chassis haulers with plans to add 19 more by the end of this year.

Trillium said the slow-fill station is designed to be expanded as the fleet expands.

In Richmond, Trillium has put together a HY-C fast-fill station for transit buses and paratransit vehicles. The Greater Richmond Transit Company has eight CNG 40-foot city buses, and plans to add 21 more by January next year, Trillium said. The transit company is retiring all of its old diesel-power fleet.

Green Team eventually plans to have 48 CNG refuse trucks operating during the next four years, and in Richmond, the bus company plans to eventually convert all of its 152 diesel buses and 78 gasoline-fueled paratransit vehicles.

Elsewhere, U.S. Oil and Gain CNG are building a fueling station in Columbus, OH, for FST Logistics’ natural gas-powered truck fleet. This will be the 12th “Gain Clean Energy” station built by U.S. Oil-Gain and will be located at the intersection of two interstate highways (70 and 270), providing public access to other fleet operators.

FST has 15 vehicles in its fleet capable of CNG conversions with orders for 20 new tractors and eight other vehicles that could run on natural gas during the next 12 months, according to a Gain spokesperson. FST plans to convert its entire fleet as more CNG stations are developed nationally, said CEO Dave Kent, and U.S. Oil and Gain have touted their vision of creating a national network of fueling facilities for fleet operators.

Another major supplier in the CNG transportation space, fueling tank maker CNG Cylinders International (CNGci) late last month said it has completed development of a 25-inch diameter CNG fueling tank that will be available in various lengths from 60 to 100 inches. CNGci claims to already make the world’s largest Type III CNG fuel cylinders.

A 100-inch long version of the new 25-inch diameter tank will have internal volume of 631 liters, the equivalent of 55 diesel gallons of storage, the company said. The certified tanks will be available before the end of this year, according to the company.