The screen’s drop Tuesday didn’t make much of an impression onthe cash market, which was flat at the majority of points. TheMidcontinent tended to be a little weaker than the average asMidwest citygates were down by almost a nickel after a cold fronthad cooled off the region considerably.

It was still hot and muggy in the Northeast, where citygateseked out moderate gains, but temperatures should be falling therealso by Thursday, one source said. The Independent System Operatorfor the New England electric grid issued a Power Watch appeal forenergy conservation Tuesday due to the oppressive weather.

There certainly was no “hurricane hype” to boost gas prices asthere had been last Friday, a trader noted. Hurricane Bonnie seemeddead-set on hitting the Atlantic Coast in either the Carolinas orVirginia, with no chance of getting into the Gulf of Mexico.Danielle achieved hurricane status but was still well out in theAtlantic.

Intraday deals for intra-Alberta gas plunged into the C$1.00-38range as an Alberta Natural Gas maintenance outage was backing upan estimated 400 MMcf/d into the province, one trader said.However, the ANG work was ending Tuesday and prices for today’sflow were mostly in the C$1.40s. The ends of the ANG curtailmentand another one on PG&E Gas Transmission-Northwest causedStanfield quotes to drop more than a nickel.

September business remained a non-starter for most traders, atleast for fixed-price deals. One source did report several Sumasdeals in the high $1.40s. Other traders were hearing SouthernCalifornia border numbers in the $2.10-11 area and a $1.63-66 rangeat Stanfield. Basis talk included Transco Zone 6-NYC at plus 18-20,Northern Natural-demarc at minus 9-10 and NGPL-Midcontinent atminus 10-11.

Chicago basis had been plus 5.25 until this week, a marketersaid. Tuesday it was down to plus 4.5-4.75, even with futuresdropping, because “everybody seems to realize September is going tobe a pitiful market,” he said. Not only will there be the usualshoulder-month slump in demand, the marketer went on, but alsostorage buying should be fading drastically.

A gulf trader isn’t convinced cash prices will mimic Tuesday’sfutures losses. He cited cash-out pricing in the high-$1.80s andlow-$1.90 and strong air-conditioning load up the East Coast asreasons for possible divergence between August cash and Septemberfutures today. However, September cash quotes should fall inlinewith futures, he added

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