North Dakota said a pipeline transporting wastewater from oil and natural gas drilling was damaged and leaked nearly 19,000 gallons of brine in Divide County.

According to the state Department of Health (DOH), the leak occurred after the pipeline, which is owned by Continental Resources Inc., was struck by equipment performing an excavation. The leak totaled approximately 450 barrels of brine.

“The brine spill was confined to the excavated area near the pipeline, has not impacted any waterway and is not a threat to public health at this time,” said Karl Rockeman, spokesman for the DOH’s environmental health section. He said the incident happened 16 miles north of Tioga, ND.

Rockeman told NGI Friday that the incident occurred at about 1:30 p.m. CST on March 3. He said the DOH and the North Dakota Oil and Gas Division responded to the incident and cleanup activities were under way.