Dallas-based Energy Transfer Partners LP is holding a binding open season to test support for intrastate Texas service from the Permian Basin to the Gulf Coast for up to 50,000 b/d of volume commitments on Phase 1 of Permian Express 3. The capacity offered would represent the remaining available volumes for first phase of the 140,000 b/d system. The remaining capacity is expected to come online later this year. For information contact Vice President Chris Martin at (713) 989-6250 or email him at chris.martin@energytransfer.com.

Enterprise Products Partners LP is holding a binding open season through June 24 for expansion capacity on the Enterprise Crude Pipeline LLC (ECPL) West Texas System in the Permian Basin, which transports crude oil from points in New Mexico’s Delaware sub-basin. The open season is seeking commitments for incremental capacity from ECPL’s Lynch, Hobbs and Red Hills stations in Lea County, NM, to Enterprise’s Midland, TX, terminal. Service could begin in 3Q2018. Additional details are available from Michael Cisarik at (713) 381-6460 or mjcisarik@eprod.com.