The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has vacated certificate authorizations previously issued to LA Storage (formerly Liberty Gas Storage) to construct and operate four high-delivery storage caverns, 5.1 miles of 36-inch diameter bidirectional pipeline and a compressor station and meter station in Louisiana’s Calcasieu and Cameron parishes [CP08-454]. The expansion facilities were supposed to be completed within 18 months of the June 2009 approval of the project, but were delayed several times. Upon completion, the three existing caverns would have stored 15.75 Bcf, of which 12.40 Bcf would be working gas and 3.35 Bcf would be base gas. The newly developed cavern would have stored about 8.25 Bcf, or 6.50 Bcf working gas and 1.75 Bcf of base gas.

Southern Natural Gas Co. LLC(SNG) has received from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission a certificate of public convenience and necessity to construct and operate the Fairburn Expansion project, which calls for building pipelines and associated infrastructure in Georgia [CP17-46]. The $240 million project calls for constructing two pipeline segments, a compressor station and three meter stations in Clayton, Cobb, Fulton Fayette and Monroe counties. It also calls for acquiring an existing pipeline lateral and modifications to two nearby meter stations. The project would provide 343,164 Dth/d of firm transportation capacity to delivery points in SNG Zones 2 and 3. To provide service, SNG would acquire from affiliate Georgia Power Co. the McDonough Lateral, an existing 19.7-mile, 30-inch diameter pipeline, and associated facilities.