A BP plc well in Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay is no longer leaking natural gas, according to the company and the state of Alaska. The well began leaking hydrocarbons last Friday. An oil leak was stopped earlier, but a natural gas leak continued into Monday. “The well is no longer venting gas, which caused an initial spray of crude oil that impacted the well pad…” according to a situation update. “The impacted area is limited to the reserve pit of the gravel pad; however, cleanup responders have not yet confirmed there are no impacts to adjacent tundra. No volume estimate for the crude spray release is available at this time.” The leak was at the BP Exploration Alaska Drill Site 2 pad, Well 3, an oil and natural gas well, in the Greater Prudhoe Bay area, about five miles from the Deadhorse Airport.

A data room set up to market ConocoPhillips’ Kenai liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant in Kenai, AK, has been closed and the company is reviewing bids for the facility, a spokeswoman confirmed. No timeline was given for the potential selection of a buyer. For 47 years, the plant was the only LNG export facility in North America; it is one of the longest-operating LNG plants in the world. The plant was put up for sale late last year. In 2015 the plant operated for six months, liquefying 20 Bcf of gas and delivering six cargos. Due to market conditions, ConocoPhillips did not conduct an export program in 2016, although the plant remained operational and ready to resume exports.