The federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced the results of Tuesday and Wednesday lease sales in the Dakotas and New Mexico. They brought in nearly $29 million combined: $3.3 million from the Dakotas and $25.6 million from New Mexico.

In North and South Dakota, 112 parcels totaling more than 48,000 acres were in play, and all received bids, BLM said. Nineteen of the parcels are in North Dakota with 93 in South Dakota. In New Mexico, 14 parcels were offered representing slightly more than 12,975 acres.

The high bidder in the Dakotas was Serka Services LLC from Vienna, VA, BLM said. Serka bid $880,000 for an 80-acre U.S. Forest Service parcel in North Dakota’s Billings County. The company also had the highest per-acre bid at $11,000 on the same parcel.

A Midland, TX, individual, Charles D. Ray, was the high bidder in New Mexico at more than $10 million for 800 acres. Ray also had the high per-acre bid of $12,600 for the same parcel.

BLM received 35 separate bids from 14 individuals or operators. R&R Royalty Ltd. had the most bids (13), followed by The Blanco Co. (5).

The sales were held at BLM’s offices in the respective areas. Money from the sales is shared with states and counties, BLM reiterated. All the leases are issued for 10-year terms.