A survey conducted by Promark Research Corp. between Aug. 23-25,with subsequent data analysis by Baselice & Associatesdetermined that 95% of Pennsylvanians are aware that they can orwill soon be able to choose their electric generation supplier.It’s a huge improvement for the Pennsylvania program when comparedwith a June survey that showed awareness 15 percentage pointslower. Nationwide awareness of electric restructuring is about 40%,according to another survey by Yankee Energy.

Knowledge of how to participate in the Pennsylvania program alsois increasing and has more than doubled since June-up to 40% fromjust 17%. Moreover, the desire to participate in the ElectricChoice Program also has increased. Forty-three percent of those whohave seen or heard information about being able to choose theirelectric generation supplier are more apt to participate based onwhat they’ve heard. This compares to 32% in June. One-third of therespondents claim to have enrolled in the choice program, whichmirrors actual enrollment numbers. Since July 1, when enrollmentopened, 1.8 million of the state’s 5.2 million electric customershave signed up for the opportunity to choose their electricgeneration supplier.

The findings are based on the responses from 800 randomlyselected adults and have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5%.

A full summary can be found at www.electrichoice.com/media.html.Yankee Energy System’s 1998 deregulation survey is available atwww.yankeeenergy.com.

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