Weekly natural gas cash prices powered forward as wintry chills and light supplies in the West overshadowed mild temperatures and light heating demand across most of the Lower 48.


NGI’s Weekly Spot Gas National Avg. for the March 27-30 period climbed 20.0 cents to $2.520.

As the trading week closed, SoCal Border Avg. was up $1.060 to $5.105, while KRGT Del Pool was ahead $1.050 to $5.805 and Opal was up $1.865 to $5.705.

Spot natural gas prices in the West, while volatile, have generally outpaced other parts of the country so far in 2023. California and parts of the Mountain West experienced more harsh weather than most areas – at least relative to historic norms – and pipeline maintenance work also has adversely impacted Permian gas deliveries to the West.