NGI The Weekly Gas Market Report

Energy Group May Choose Suitor Shortly

The rivalry between PacifiCorp and Texas Utilities for The Energy Group may come to a head this week or next as the British company is expected to choose a bid to recommend to shareholders. Read More

California Gas LDCs Preparing For More Competitive Market

California's two largest natural gas utilities are maneuvering in both the regulatory and market arenas to provide more options for customers, gearing up for a statewide overhaul of the gas industry by the end of this year. They are trying to avoid some of the difficulties of their electric counterparts who are in the midst of a separate market transformation of their own. Read More

Voyageur Crosses the Wrong Landowner

Like a grizzly bear accidentally stepping on a porcupine, Viking Voyageur has routed its 2.3 Bcf/d gas line near the childhood home of a Wisconsin landowner whose husband happens to be a Noble Prize winning economist with a dislike for pipeline infrastructure. Read More

FERC Questions Pony Express Cost Overrun

FERC dealt KN Interstate Gas Transmission a serious blow recently in ordering the pipeline to explain a 41% overrun in the cost of its Pony Express Pipeline Project and prove the project still meets the Commission's test for rolled-in rate treatment. Read More

El Paso Defends Charging Full Rates for IT

Attempting to allay the concerns of gas marketers and producers, El Paso Natural Gas last week said its decision to halt discounting of interruptible transportation capacity earlier this year was not in any way tied to its controversial contracts with Natural Gas Clearinghouse (NGC), but rather was owing to its new status as "swing supplier" for California-bound capacity. Read More

Total Energy Puts Its Name up for Sale

New York energy services firm Total Energy Corp. thinks its name has become so attractive, so "unforgettable" in this age of energy convergence that others will put up top dollar to make it their own. The company announced it plans to auction the name in the next several weeks. Read More

Shippers Experience Bumpy Ride on PG&E's Gas Accord

The first bidweek under Pacific Gas &amp Electric's Gas Accord transportation framework was a rough ride for many doing business in the drastically changed northern California market. While PG&ampE went ahead with its massive computer system upgrade on schedule, few shippers were prepared to handle it. Read More

Refund Pass-through Challenged; Producer Hearings Requested

The producer refund case has taken a unique turn as several pipelines have stepped up to argue that while natural gas producers must pay them the $500 million in refunds - today is the deadline for payment - they don't believe they have to pass that money on to their customers. Read More

Daniel Yergin: 'Commanding Heights' at FERC

Energy guru and Pulitzer-prize winning author Daniel Yergin told Federal Energy Regulatory Commission staffers there will still be a place for the agency in the next millennium despite the fact the marketplace is taking "The Commanding Heights" away from governments. Read More