U.S. Rig Count


Rigs Decline Again, But Not So Much

The declining rig count trend continues, but the pace has slowed in recent weeks. Meanwhile, producers have learned to economize, doing more with less, and natural gas market rebalancing could be around the corner, analysts said. Read More

As Rigs Fall Again, Production Decline Anticipated

With only a net of three U.S. drilling rigs leaving play in the latest Baker Hughes Inc. count, could it be that the months-long activity decline is closing in on its bottom? Perhaps, but the count has fallen far enough now to make for shale patch output declines in the second half of the year, analysts said. Read More
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U.S. Rig Count: It's Been A Long Way Down

The average count of U.S. active drilling rigs in March was 478, down a whopping 632 units from the 1,110 rigs that were running in March 2015, according to Baker Hughes Inc. And the count trekked lower still in the latest census, released on Friday. Read More

Rigs Decline Again as Production Response Noted

The ongoing decline in active U.S. land rigs gathered pace again in the latest count by Baker Hughes Inc., with 14 units departing. Analysts are now talking about what a comeback might look like gas natural gas output declines are charted. Read More

U.S. Rig Tally Loses Five NatGas Units

The pace of U.S. rig declines slowed in the latest report by Baker Hughes Inc., which was released on Friday. Meanwhile, spring break-up continued in Canada, and analysts had market rebalancing on their minds. Read More