Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV)

Colorado Looking to Push CNG Co-Fueling Locations

The Colorado Energy Office, which has a goal of diversifying the state's energy use for transportation, is preparing to issue a request for applications (RFA) for partial funding of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations that are co-located with electric vehicle (EV) charging sites and/or propane fueling locations. Read More

More Opportunities for NGV Fueling to Advance

Heading into a major alternative clean fuel transportation convention early in May in Southern California, the push for building out natural gas vehicle (NGV) fueling infrastructure is being continued by two of the nation's leading NGV fueling providers. Along the way, use of compressed natural gas (CNG) keeps growing. Read More

CNG Goes On Pre-Easter Roll

Led by the recent announcement that Portland, OR-based NW Natural and a Seattle-based storage tank manufacturer are partnering on an effort to allow more compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles on the road, the Easter week provided a number of advancements in the CNG part of the natural gas vehicle (NGV) space. Some of the others were centered on advances for CNG in trucking. Read More

NGV Engines Recalled for Minor Fix

Natural gas vehicle (NGV) engine manufacturer Cummins Westport Inc. of Vancouver, BC, has recalled two of its dedicated NGV engines, the 8.9-liter ISL G, and the 11.9-liter ISX-12 G for a software fix. Read More

Oklahoma Moves to Expand Use of NGVs

Oklahoma's House of Representatives has passed a bill (HB 2954) that would use some existing state revenue sources to help counties switch their fleet vehicles to run on compressed natural gas (CNG) and add to the state's fueling infrastructure for natural gas vehicles (NGV). Read More