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'Hyped' Market Called A Penny Higher

June natural gas is expected to open a penny higher Wednesday morning at $4.56 as traders reassess recent weather forecasts and balance those against expectations of near-term storage injections that are likely to soften the market. Overnight oil markets rose. Read More

CSU Forecasters Expect Below-Average Tropical Storm Activity This Year

An El Nino event -- the warming of water temperatures in the central and equatorial Pacific Ocean -- is likely to limit the number of hurricanes that form in the Atlantic Basin this year, according to forecasters at Colorado State University (CSU), more good news for the U.S. natural gas industry, which is increasingly insulated from the impact of tropical storms. Read More

Forecaster Expects Another Quiet Hurricane Season

The 2014 Atlantic Hurricane season is likely to be less active than normal, producing fewer powerful storms than average and bringing below-normal risk to the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) and Caribbean Sea, according to an early forecast from Houston-based ImpactWeather. Read More