FERCissued three delegated orders Wednesday that will allowIroquois Gas Transmission System LP to amend existing negotiated rate agreements with two customers for a few natural gas delivery days in December. Among 15 delegated orders issued, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission waived the 30-day notice requirement for revised tariff records with Trafigura AG (Docket No. RP14-291) and J.P. Morgan Ventures Energy Corp. (Nos. RP14-292 and RP14-293). According to FERC, a Trafigura contract set revised rates for service under Iroquois' interruptible rate schedule HUB, while a separate contract did the same with J.P. Morgan. The revised tariff records covered Dec. 13-16 for Trafigura, and Dec. 14-16 for J.P. Morgan. The orders were issued by FERC’s Nils Nichols, director of Division of Pipeline Regulation.