Adsorbed natural gas (ANG) technology developer Energtek Inc. has formed a subsidiary, American Mobile Pipeline Inc. (AMP), to focus efforts in the North American market, the company said Wednesday.

Energtek’s "mobile pipeline," a super-trailer that transports up to 200,000 cubic feet per trailer from the producer to processing facilities, pipelines or industrial consumers, is a sound alternative to flaring, Energtek said.

The glut of natural gas production from unconventional plays in the United States has created a substantial price gap between gas and oil derivative fuels.

"The industrial and commercial customers that are not connected to a natural gas pipeline are at a disadvantage and need to reduce their energy costs in order to be competitive," the company said. "Also, increasing pressure from environmental protection agencies [is] causing these consumers to consider switching to natural gas. Yet substantial areas of the U.S. do not have sufficient pipeline coverage."

The key to building a national footprint "is the creation of a fueling infrastructure in places that are not being supplied through pipelines," said Energtek CEO Lev Zaidenberg. "AMP provides an economical, flexible and reliable alternative to traditional pipeline natural gas delivery to industrial, commercial and municipal customers."

New York-based Energtek develops and applies low-pressure storage technology to provide complete well-to-wheel pipeless natural gas supply solutions to industrial consumers and fleets of small vehicles. The company operates subsidiaries in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, and is also involved in oil and gas exploration in Israel.