Transportation Notes

Sonat said it will cancel an OFO Type 3 for five groups on its system today.

Florida Gas Transmission ended an Overage Alert Day notice Saturday.

Oneok Field Services has not shut down the 1.1 Bcf/d Bushton (KS) Processing Plant as previously announced on the bulletin board of Northern Natural Gas (see Daily GPI, Jan. 2). However, the plant is still in jeopardy of being shut down due to an insufficient amount of gas being processed or conditioned, NNG said. It encouraged "all operators/producers/shippers upstream of Bushton Plant who want their gas to flow on Northern's system to call a processor to have that gas processed for the extraction of liquefiable hydrocarbons to the extent that it is not currently being processed." High levels of C6+ liquids in unprocessed gas will create operational problems and safety concerns, the pipeline said. John Gibson, Oneok president-energy, indicated that a plant shutdown was contemplated only after 70% of its producers chose to suspend processing for the month of January. "If one of our key customers had not reversed an earlier decision to bypass the plant, we would have been forced to shut down. As it is right now, we are just slightly above the minimum [volume] required," Gibson said. Bushton's continued operation is being reviewed on a daily basis with NNG, which is setting the transportation quality criteria, he added. Besides NNG, the plant also serves the Oneok-owned Midcontinent Market Center intrastate system.

Texas Eastern said a customer-specific OFO applicable to 21 customers will become effective Friday until further notice. The OFO requires that to the maximum extent contractually feasible, firm transportation under Rate Schedules CDS, FT-1 and SCT for affected shippers must be scheduled for market area delivery of the Maximum Daily Quantity before firm storage service under Rate Schedules FSS-1, SS-1 and SS is scheduled for them.

Noting that linepack is low and that weather forecasts for the next week predict extreme cold beginning last night, Iroquois said it anticipates that IT cuts may occur as its system operates at or near capacity. To insure that pressure commitments can be maintained, Iroquois reminded point operators that hourly deliveries must remain within tariff limits and unscheduled overruns cannot be tolerated.

TransCanada said a force majeure declaration for deliveries to the East Hereford (PQ) Station on its TQM Pipeline segment remains in effect until a permanent restoration of capacity is completed. An explosion destroyed the station's control building Dec. 28 (see Daily GPI, Jan. 2). TransCanada said a portable transfer compressor is being deployed to a site near East Hereford on a temporary basis, where it expected to become operational within the next few weeks. Customers will be updated on the progress of the compressor installation as well as a schedule for permanent restoration of capacity by TQM when it becomes available.

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