Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) investigators said last Thursday they have received a suspicious letter referencing EnCana Corp.'s energy development activity in the Dawson Creek area of British Columbia.

"The Dawson Creek RCMP Detachment is in possession of a letter which was sent to a local newspaper in Dawson Creek [last Wednesday]," said Sgt. Rob Vermeulen, RCMP spokesman. "At this point in time we will not speculate whether this is authentic."

The threatening letter, which was addressed to EnCana, says the energy company "had enough time to reconsider your actions," adding that "we are growing in strength and now ready for actions at all of your installations."

The newest letter also claims that the lands EnCana is operating on don't belong to the company. "Get out of our home lands and stop poisoning us or face the consequences!!"

Three previous letters have been received by local media, including one that was determined to be a hoax. The latest letter contains no specific threat or timeline.

"When you have a letter that threatens some sort of action, whether it is a hoax or not, we take it very seriously. Our primary concern remains the safety of the public. We would hope that the person or persons responsible share our concern for public safety," Vermeulen said.

Last summer EnCana raised its reward for information on the bomber to C$1 million (see NGI, Aug. 3, 2009). The RCMP is investigating six bombings that occurred between October 2008 and July 2009 at three pipeline locations, a metering shed on an EnCana well site and two wellheads (see NGI, Jan. 19, 2009, Dec. 8, 2008, Oct. 20, 2008).

A previous letter received by the Dawson Creek Daily News newspaper gave EnCana a deadline for removing its oil and gas facilities (see NGI, July 20, 2009).

In January anti-energy development activist Wiebo Ludwig was arrested on suspicion of involvement with the bombings but was not charged (see NGI, Jan. 18).

Anyone with information related to the letter is asked to call the Dawson Creek RCMP Detachment at (250)784-3700 or Crime Stoppers at (800)-222-TIPS (8477).

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