FERC has approved index price changes in their respective tariffs proposed by multiple pipelines owned/operated by Kinder Morgan Inc. (KMI) to reference index prices published by Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI) instead of those published by Intercontinental Exchange as the latter will soon cease to exist as an independent publisher of natural gas price indexes. The pipelines affected are Cheyenne Plains Gas Pipeline Co LLC [RP17-508]; Sierrita Gas Pipeline LLC [RP17-509]; Ruby Pipeline LLC [RP17-512]; El Paso Natural Gas Co. LLC [RP17-504]; Wyoming Interstate Co. LLC [RP17-505]; and Colorado Interstate Gas Co. LLC [RP17-486]. Also making similar changes in index pricing to NGIare KMI's Young Gas Storage Co. Ltd. [RP17-484] and Keystone Gas Storage LLC [PR17-30]. NGI, which has been publishing wholesale natural gas prices for more than 30 years, is an approved price reporting agency in compliance with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s 2003 policy statement [PL03-3] on wholesale natural gas and electricity price indexes.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has granted Trans-Pecos Pipeline Co.’s request to place into service the Presidio Border Crossing Project in Presidio County, TX. Presidio Crossing [CP15-500] represents the Commission-jurisdictional Texas-Mexico border-crossing facilities of the Texas intrastate Trans-Pecos pipeline, which was expected to enter service by the end of March.