Mountaineer NGL Storage LLC is holding a nonbinding open season through May 9 for up to 1.6 million bbl of initial natural gas liquids (NGL) storage capacity with more than 25,000 b/d of load-in and load-out capacity. The storage will be made available through the Mountaineer NGL Storage Project in Monroe County, OH, near Clarington, OH, along the Ohio River. The project will use the subsurface Salina salt formation as the storage zone. Storage would serve a growing number of gas processors, producers, markets and commodity traders that are interested in exploiting the wet gas production from the Marcellus/Utica shales. The project would be designed to store ethane, propane, butane and y-grade products. "The Marcellus Shale and the Utica Shale below it have surprised the entire industry and are fast becoming the next super-producers of natural gas supply in this country, but there is a dire need for reliable storage solutions," said Mountaineer Managing Director David Hooker. "This project will be strategically located to provide service to the expanding network of pipelines, rail and barge infrastructure that is currently being built to transport Marcellus and Utica natural gas liquids to markets throughout the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Midcontinent and Gulf Coast." For information, contact Hooker at, (720) 318-9738; or Tim Hanley at, (816) 810-8588.

Rangeland Energy is holding a binding open season through May 20 for capacity on its RIO Pipeline to carry crude oil and condensate from the Delaware Basin to terminals in Midland, TX, and takeaway pipelines to Cushing, OK, the Gulf Coast and other market centers. The pipeline originates at Rangeland's State Line Terminal in Loving County, TX, where the has constructed truck unloading and crude storage facilities (see Shale DailyAug. 4, 2015). Unloading facilities and tanks also have been constructed at the destination terminal in Midland, where additional space is available to build customer-leased crude storage. A long-term connection agreement has been executed with Plains Pipeline LP for delivery to the Plains Midland South terminal, giving shippers access to multiple terminals at Midland as well as outbound pipelines. Information is available from the open season document document and from Pat McGannon, (281) 566-3008;

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has directed the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources to intervene in 39 lawsuits filed by three parishes against numerous energy companies, alleging damage to coastal wetlands by pipeline and other energy infrastructure/activities (see Daily GPINov. 13, 2015July 25, 2013). Plaquemines, Jefferson and Cameron are the parishes that are suing. Last month the state's attorney general announced his office's intervention in the lawsuits (see Daily GPIMarch 16). "This intervention would ensure that the interests of the state of Louisiana are fully protected and that any money recovered in these suits will be spent on coastal restoration,” Edwards said. "The administration's participation means that all of the coastal stakeholders are now at the table, and I look forward to working with the attorney general and the parishes to bring this matter to a resolution."

Tulsa-based WPX Energy Inc. has completed the sale of Piceance Basin-focused subsidiary WPX Energy Rocky Mountain LLC to Terra Energy Partners LLC for $910 million, allowing it to put more focus on the Permian Basin (see Shale DailyFeb. 9). The natural gas-weighted producer expects oil to comprise about one-half of future production volumes, versus roughly 20% in 2015. WPX said it has several options for the sale proceeds, including "leverage reduction, additional drilling, infrastructure investments such as expanding its Permian gathering system, and buying out of any retained transportation obligations."