Rangeland Energy is holding a binding open season through May 20 for capacity on its RIO Pipeline to carry crude oil and condensate from the Delaware Basin to terminals in Midland, TX, and takeaway pipelines to Cushing, OK, the Gulf Coast and other market centers. The pipeline originates at Rangeland's State Line Terminal in Loving County, TX, where the has constructed truck unloading and crude storage facilities (see Shale DailyAug. 4, 2015). Unloading facilities and tanks also have been constructed at the destination terminal in Midland, where additional space is available to build customer-leased crude storage. A long-term connection agreement has been executed with Plains Pipeline LP for delivery to the Plains Midland South terminal, giving shippers access to multiple terminals at Midland as well as outbound pipelines. Information is available from the open season document document and from Pat McGannon, (281) 566-3008; pat@rangelandenergy.com.