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June Another Record Month For Dry NatGas Consumption, Production, EIA Says

Domestic dry natural gas production and consumption reached record levels in June, with the rate of consumption gains outpacing production growth, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

Natural gas consumption in the United States in June was the highest on record for the month dating back to 2001 at 1.93 Tcf, EIA said. It was the fifth consecutive month with a record high level of consumption and a 9% increase compared with 1.77 Tcf in June 2014 (see Daily GPIAug. 4). The gain was led by record high deliveries to the electric power sector for June.

Dry gas production reached 2.24 Tcf (74.5 Bcf/d) in June, a 6.7% increase compared with 2.10 Tcf (69.8 Bcf/d) in June 2014, according to EIA's latest Natural Gas Monthly. That's the highest level in any June since EIA began reporting dry gas production data. Through the first six months of 2015, dry gas production was 13.40 Tcf, compared with 12.42 Tcf in the same period last year and 11.91 Tcf in the first half of 2013.

Electric power deliveries were 889 Bcf (29.6 Bcf/d), a 22.8% increase from 24.1 Bcf/d in June 2014. However, it was the fourth consecutive month in which year-over-year total consumption of dry natural gas decreased in the other three sectors, EIA said. Deliveries to residential consumers were 123 Bcf, (4.1 Bcf/d) in June, down 1.6% from 4.2 Bcf/d in June 2014. Commercial deliveries were 135 Bcf, (4.5 Bcf/d), a 4.3% decrease from 4.7 Bcf/d in June 2014 and industrial deliveries were 577 Bcf (19.2 Bcf/d), down 1.7% from 19.6 Bcf/d in June 2014.

Total U.S. natural gas production was 2.69 Tcf in June, up 3.4% compared with 2.60 Tcf in June 2014. New Mexico reported 107.84 Bcf (up from 103.59 Bcf in June 2014); Oklahoma, 209.63 Bcf (up from 190.71 Bcf); Texas, 747.53 Bcf (up from 705.66 Bcf); and Federal Offshore Gulf of Mexico, 112.84 Bcf (up from 103.23 Bcf).

Other states reported declines: Alaska, 223.52 Bcf (down from 252.18 Bcf in May 2014); Louisiana, 154.57 Bcf (down from 167.52 Bcf); and Wyoming, 160.74 Bcf (down from 162.99 Bcf).

EIA this summer for the first time included in the monthly natural gas production survey state-level data from 10 states, including some shale-rich names previously grouped into its "other states" category (see Daily GPIJune 30). Production in those 10 states in June was led by Pennsylvania, which reported 370.46 Bcf. Also formerly grouped in the Other States category were Arkansas (84.42 Bcf), California (17.91 Bcf), Colorado (135.60 Bcf), Kansas (24.66 Bcf), Montana (4.71 Bcf), North Dakota (49.37 Bcf), Ohio (85.44 Bcf), Utah (36.67 Bcf) and West Virginia (109.58 Bcf). The restructured Other States category reported 50.63 Bcf.

Net imports of natural gas fell to just 68 Bcf for the month, compared with 82 Bcf in June 2014. Total net imports through the first six months of 2015 were 561 Bcf, compared with 605 Bcf during the same period last year and 617 Bcf in the first six months of 2013.

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