Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed legislation authorizing funding of $4.47 million for the TexNet Seismic Monitoring Program, an initiative led by the Bureau of Economic Geology at The University of Texas at Austin. TexNet will enhance the ability to gather information about subsurface seismic activity by placing seismometers throughout the state and analyzing data. The mission of TexNet is to provide transparent access to data and information regarding the understanding of earthquake activity in Texas, both natural and potentially induced by human activity, such as from drilling waste injection wells. TexNet will acquire and install at least 22 permanent seismometers in key locations, augmenting the 16 existing seismometers currently in place in Texas. Another 36 portable seismometers will be staged in Bureau of Economic Geology facilities across the state. Of particular interest to the project are those earthquakes larger than magnitude 3.0 in or near urban areas, or in locations where ongoing human activities might be influencing earthquake activity.