El Paso Natural Gas Co. LLC (EPNG) has asked FERC to amend its presidential permit allowing natural gas exports at a U.S.-Mexico border crossing near Naco, AZ, in order to keep up with the times and increased volumes of gas moving to Mexico.

The pipeline is seeking a definitive maximum export capacity of 56,900 Mcf/d at its Monument 90 Crossing. The crossing's original presidential permit was issued in 1940 and was amended in 1967 to allow the export of 14,300 Mcf/d "plus additional daily volumes, on a best efforts basis, as requested by the customer," EPNG told the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission [CP15-493].

"...[T]he provision allowing EPNG to export volumes greater than 14,300 Mcf/d on 'a best efforts basis' lacks the clarity that the Commission has provided in more modern presidential permits. Moreover, EPNG currently has multiple firm transportation service agreements in place requiring deliveries to the Monument 90 Crossing in excess of 14,300 Mcf/d...EPNG is seeking to modernize and establish a clear maximum daily export capacity at the Monument 90 Crossing of 56,900 Mcf/d."

The revised volume requested is equivalent to the maximum delivery capacity of the upstream Monument 90 meter station. No construction or modification to facilities is proposed, the Kinder Morgan Inc. pipeline said.