Range Resources Corp. may continue to pursue a $3 million lawsuit for defamation and disparagement against Steven Lipsky, the Texas man who has accused the company of contaminating his drinking water with its Barnett Shale drilling activities. The Texas Supreme Court last week ruled that the case may continue against Lipsky -- but not against his wife, Shyla, or the couple's environmental consultant, Alisa Rich. A Texas appeals court in 2013 allowed two of the claims against Lipsky to stand but dismissed Range's claims against his wife and Rich. The Texas Supreme Court upheld that decision (see Shale DailyApril 29, 2013). The Lipskys and Rich claimed that Range tainted the Lipsky water well, but the Railroad Commission of Texas found otherwise after it investigated. While the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency also had blamed Range for contaminating the well, the agency later backed down (see Shale DailyFeb. 13, 2013Feb. 21, 2012).