ConocoPhillips Co. has called on FERC to order ANR Pipeline to credit net revenues from the sale of 2.6 Bcf of “excess” storage gas to the interstate pipeline’s shippers.

On Aug. 1, ANR filed a supplemental statement regarding the sale of 2.6 Bcf of storage gas that it claimed was “excess” gas and not used in operations. It suggested that it should be able to retain the revenues from the sale because “it reasonably can be assumed that most or all of this amount resulted from purchases made by ANR prior to unbundling,” ConocoPhillips said in its protest.

“ANR did not provide any detailed explanation on why all of this ‘excess’ gas was held for 14 years and not used for operations of any support,” the producer noted.

“ConocoPhillips protests ANR’s unsupported assertion that it should be able to retain the revenues from the gas sales. Instead, ConocoPhillips requests that the Commission direct ANR to credit the net revenues to the system shippers via its cashout mechanism (which should result in a credit or negative surcharge to ANR’s shippers who have over the years paid for system balancing and others services on the ANR system) or to its fuel account as a prior period adjustment,” it said.

“To allow ANR to retain the net revenues based on the unsupported assertion that the gas has [been] held in storage for at least 14 years…is unjust and unreasonable and should be summarily rejected by the Commission,” ConocoPhillips said.

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