Canada liquid exports

After a year of overseas sales growth, the pioneer of propane tanker loadings on the north Pacific coast of British Columbia (BC) has doubled the volume authorized for its international traffic in the natural gas byproduct.

AltaGas Ltd. has obtained a second 25-year export license for 40,000 b/d from the Canada Energy Regulator (CER). The Covid-19 pandemic did not stop full use — and more – of the Calgary firm’s first 40,000 b/d license.

By averaging 41,460 b/d in 2Q2020 at the C$500 million ($375 million) Ridley Island Propane Export Terminal (RIPET) near Prince Rupert, AltaGas used a 15% “annual tolerance” in CER export permits.

RIPET opened in mid-2019 at a former coal dock site, with none of the fuss that fossil fuel foes raise against oil and gas pipeline...