Given clearance by FERC and state regulators, Adelphia Gateway LLC has started pre-construction on its brownfield natural gas pipeline expansion project in eastern Pennsylvania.


Backed by New Jersey Resources Corp., the Adelphia project proposes converting part of an existing oil pipeline to natural gas to serve customers in the Greater Philadelphia area.

Adelphia, which received authorization earlier this month to start Phase I of construction, told the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission last week that work had begun. The pipeline is slated to begin service next year.

“The project continues to work closely with local stakeholders and governments as activity gets underway,” the developer said this week. “Adelphia Gateway will conduct additional outreach to inform residents and businesses of construction activities in their areas.”

Phase 1 includes construction in parts of Delaware, Chester, Bucks and Montgomery counties and includes converting a 50-mile segment of an existing 84-mile oil pipeline to deliver natural gas.

The northern 34-mile segment of the pipeline, running from western Bucks County to the Martins Creek terminal in Northampton County, has delivered natural gas since 1996.

Adelphia President Ginger Richman said the developer expects to “bring natural gas resources to families and businesses in the Greater Philadelphia area and play a role in getting the region’s economy back up and running.”Adelphia secured a certificate from FERC by a 2-1 vote in late 2019. The project recently received permits from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection that were needed to start construction.