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Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI), is a leading provider of natural gas and shale news/market data to the energy industry. Since the first issue of Natural Gas Intelligence was published in 1981, NGI has provided key natural gas pricing, news and analysis relied upon daily by thousands of industry participants in the U.S, Canada and Mexico as well as Central and South America, Europe and Asia.

NGI is proud to be the first daily news and pricing service to cover the Mexico natural gas market with the July 2017 launch of NGI's Mexico Gas Price Index to coincide with the opening of the Mexico market.

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NGI also produces an array of research products and special reports covering the natural gas and oil markets.

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NGI's team of thought leaders are located across the country, including Dulles, Virginia (our headquarters), Houston, Denver, New York City, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, and Calgary. NGI is a woman-owned family business with founder and principal owner Ellen Beswick at the helm.

NGI Natural Gas Price Indexes

NGI began publishing the industry's first natural gas price survey report in 1983 when natural gas first began to trade competitively. The voluntary survey and NGI's Price Methodology has evolved over the years from a simple weekly range of prices in five major production areas to the current reporting of daily, weekly and monthly (bidweek) price ranges, averages, volumes and number of deals at 100+ locations across the United States and Canada.

Our Commitment

NGI operates under the journalism code of ethics, which requires that the personnel creating and compiling the content of our publications and management have no financial interest in the companies on which they report. NGI also warrants that its editorial and price survey employees and management do not trade in the natural gas commodity market, nor in any paper market relating to the natural gas commodity market. Also, as journalists, NGI employees strive to maintain the highest standards of truth, accuracy, fairness and impartiality. This means double-checking facts, correcting errors as soon as possible, and striving to tell all sides of a story.