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LNG Flows

Market-Driven News & Analysis on the
Evolving Liquefied Natural Gas Market

Fundamental focus providing indications of natural gas supply and demand—today and in the long-term

  • Clarity on the transportation costs to deliver US supply within the country at key nodes
  • Project updates on infrastructure developments
  • Insight into the new administration's effect on energy reform and how to comply
  • Analyst commentary, bringing a North American focus to International LNG
  • Updated Daily
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U.S. LNG Export Tracker

The number of dekatherms that have been nominated via pipelines serving each of the six U.S. LNG liquefaction facilities in the lower 48 states for that gas day.

  • Includes individual liquefaction facilities total deliveries, operational capacity, cap utilization.
  • Shows total deliveries to U.S. LNG Export Facilities and the change from the previous day.
  • Updated Daily
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Gulf Coast LNG Netback Prices

  • Measures the value of LNG sold on a Free On Board basis in the U.S. Gulf Coast by starting with the futures prices of natural gas in both Asia & Europe
  • Includes 12-month strip for U.S. LNG Gulf Coast Netback prices
  • Updated Daily
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Daily Prompt Oil Linked Asia Parity Prices

  • Lists the current spot market value of LNG delivered to Asia
  • The current actual slope of that Asian LNG price
  • Theoretical maximum 17.2% slope vs. the current spot Brent crude price.
  • Updated Daily
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Prompt Month Global NatGas Futures Settlements

Fearnleys LNG Spot LNG Vessel Rates

  • Provides spot market vessel rates and related charges for steam turbine, TFDE, and two stroke vessels (XDF & MEGI) in both the Atlantic (West) and Pacific (East) Basins.
  • Compares three different types of Vessels
  • Updated Daily
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Fearnleys LNG Freight Costs

  • LNG freight cost calculations for certain key routes throughout the world, and breaks those down by the three propulsion classes.
  • An excellent reference point for shipping costs around the world.
  • Updated Daily
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Current & Historical LNG Flow Data Available

  • The LNGFlows datafeed offers a rolling 7-day history of pipeline deliveries of natural gas to each of the major operating U.S. LNG export facilities broken out by feeder pipeline.
  • Excel-ready format
  • New data become available each day by 12:30 pm ET
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