NGI's North American Shale & Resource Plays Factbook

NGI's All New North American Shale & Resource Plays
2016 Factbook

This full-color, 159-page book provides the most important facts about the
more than 30 commercially active North American shale/resource plays.

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The 2016 Shale & Resource Plays Factbook has been completely re-written and vastly expanded. In this edition, we highlight new developments from the past 12 months, drawn from the expertise and experience of the entire NGI team and their close monitoring of the ever-changing oil and gas industry. Learn how what may be sustained lower oil and gas prices are impacting development of unconventional resources in North America and around the globe.

If you invest in only one book to learn about U.S. shale--this should be that book.

Where is the Rogersville Shale located and why is it being compared to the Marcellus and Utica? How quickly has the Utica Shale grown, and where is Utica drilling focused today? Will basis differentials in the Marcellus *ever* improve? What's happening with crude oil production in the North Dakota Bakken in light of low oil prices? Why is the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale called "one of the most polarizing unconventional formations in North America," and what's the latest activity in that play? These are just some of the many issues addressed in the all-new 2016 Factbook.

The Factbook gives readers a quick, non-technical background of where North America's commercially active plays are located, what they produce (oil, natgas, NGLs), which E&P companies are active in each formation, which pipelines serve these areas, and a brief analysis of the key developments and issues facing each of these unconventional basins. Think of the Factbook as a souped-up version of CliffsNotes. We provide name, rank, and serial number, and an analysis of the key issues and developments within each play.

The Factbook is your one-stop reference to answer the most common questions you have about today's commercially active resource plays--in one convenient handbook (print and/or digital).

  • 30+ Shale/Resources Plays
    Maps, charts and narrative detailing the location and unique features of North America's 30+ commercially active shale plays, in 164 information-packed pages!
  • Acreage Tables
    Updated acreage tables and a list of E&Ps active in each play, saving you hundreds of hours of research in locating this hard-to- find information.
  • Pipelines
    A list of active and proposed natural gas, NGL and crude oil pipelines for each play, so you can quickly determine which pipelines serve a given play.
  • Rig Counts
    Rig count charts for many basins, including 7 basins not available anywhere else, including: Eaglebine, Green River, Piceance, Power River, San Juan Basin, TMS, and Uinta.
  • Rig Locations
    Illustrations of where rigs are deployed in a given basin, showing you where drillers still make money in this low-price environment.
  • Production
    Which types of hydrocarbons are produced in a given play -- methane, NGLs, oil--in some cases with production numbers; plus estimates of Appalachia takeaway capacity.
  • Import/Export
    Tables detailing natural gas import and export flows at major border crossings, making the complex easy to understand.
  • International Coverage
    Expanded coverage of Canadian oil sands and international shale plays, giving you important context and understanding of the global shale phenomenon.

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