NGI Special Report: Marcellus/Utica Producers Head Back to the Future with Dry Gas (published April 20, 2016)

This update will help you keep track of how the leading companies are pursuing strategies to stay in the game in the Marcellus & Utica shales, ready to rumble when the market picks up.

Learn how these stars of the nation's leading U.S. shale formations are maintaining momentum, moving to dry gas and adjusting well spacing. It's these strategies that make them the stars of the sector.

Referenced in the report:
Consol | Rice Energy | Cabot Oil & Gas | Gulfport | Range Resources | Antero |
Chesapeake Energy | EQT | Southwestern Energy | Eclipse

The Report Includes:

  • Estimated 2016 Y/Y % Natgas Appalachian Production for Key E&P Cos. (CHART)
  • Monthly Marcellus & Utica Shale Gas Production Jan-15 through May-16 (CHART)
  • PA Shale Well Inventory, Production and Consumption (5-yr chart)
  • Super Wells, Production Forecasts and a Brief Overview of DUC Management
  • How Producers are Maintaining Operations, Evaluating Spacing, and Honing their skills for WHEN PRICES REBOUND
  • How Continuing Low Oil Prices Are Bullish for Natural Gas and Favor a Dry Gas Strategy
  • Gas on the Brink of New Industrial Demand, according to a Macquarie Strategist

"We too are focused on dry gas production this year... And perform an economic analysis on each pad before we proceed... even those that are close to a breakeven price that are in production. We do that on a monthly basis... just to make sure we're maintaining free cash flows."

Craig Neal, Vice President of Gas Operations
Consol Energy

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