Genscape U.S. Natural Gas Pipeline/Hub Flows


Source: Genscape and NGI's Daily Gas Price Index. Flow volume is in thousand MMBtus and is taken from the evening nomination cycle on the day prior to actual flow into or out of the pipelines at the specified location. Supply represents gas that flows into a pipeline from producers, gathering lines, and the tailgates of processing plants, and is therefore a proxy for production. Demand measures gas that is delivered either to a citygate, or to end-users along a pipeline. Imports show gas flows into a pipeline from interconnects with other pipelines, while Exports indicate gas that is delivered into other pipelines. Not all of these statistics are applicable to each pipeline or Hub. D/D Chg expresses the volume change between the most recent gas day and day-ago flows. Y/Y Chg represents the volume from the current and year-ago gas days. NGI's Daily Spot Price is the price per MMBtu for "day-ahead" gas as defined in NGI's Price Methodology for gas to be delivered on the flow day expressed at the top of this chart. Difference to Henry Hub displays the difference between each market price and the NGI's Daily Gas Price Index price for the comparable time period.

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