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Schlumberger North American Ops Accelerate, but Warns Capacity Constraints to Stall Growth in Permian and Beyond
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Schlumberger North American Ops Accelerate, but Warns Capacity Constraints to Stall Growth in Permian and Beyond

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July 20, 2018



SoCal Swings Higher on Heat as Weekly Natural Gas Spot Market Mixed

NGI Weekly Gas Price Index
Price blowouts in Southern California headlined natural gas spot trading for the week ended Friday, while more comfortable temperatures helped send prices lower throughout the Midwest and East; the NGI Weekly National Spot Gas Average added 2 cents to $2.72.

Day After Storage-Driven Rally, Natural Gas Futures Stable; SoCal Spikes Further

Daily GPI
Natural gas futures pulled back slightly during an uneventful session Friday, with prices stable one day after rallying on bullish government storage data. In the spot market, the mercurial SoCal Citygate extended its run higher ahead of more heat expected in California, while points throughout the Gulf Coast and Texas saw modest gains; the NGI National Spot Gas Average added 3 cents to $2.71/MMBtu.

Mexico Natural Gas Prices Hold Steady in June, Trade Volumes Up 0.47 Bcf/d

Natural gas prices in Mexico held steady during June, averaging 74.739 pesos/gigajoule (GJ) or $3.882/MMBtu, versus 74.311 pesos/GJ in May, authorities said.

Texas Upstream Jobs Soar in June, Climb by 4,800

Shale Daily
Texas oil and natural gas companies added 4,800 upstream jobs in June, marking the 19th consecutive month of job growth, according to data from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).

August Natural Gas Called Near Even After Storage-Driven Rally

Daily GPI
The August natural gas futures contract was set to open Friday near even at around $2.769/MMBtu, holding onto Thursday’s gains as the market continued to digest the implications of this week’s bullish Energy Information Administration (EIA) storage report.

Natural Gas Futures Rally on Tight EIA Print; Heat Drives SoCal Spot Blowout

Daily GPI
Not quite a wake-up call, but government storage data showed an injection well below expectations Thursday, shaking up the...

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ConocoPhillips Eyeing Big Plans for Alaska Willow Prospect

Daily GPI
The Willow discovery, a ConocoPhillips prospect in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska, may hold up to 750 million boe and could be rich enough to justify constructing a standalone crude oil hub in the region, management said this week.

Schlumberger North American Ops Accelerate, but Warns Capacity Constraints to Stall Growth in Permian and Beyond

Shale Daily
The world’s largest oilfield services operator Schlumberger Ltd. reported improvements almost across the board during the second quarter for its land and offshore...

ICD, Sidewinder Combining U.S. Land-Based Drilling Fleets

Shale Daily
Houston-based Independence Contract Drilling Inc. (ICD) on Thursday said it would merge with...

SM Energy Says 2Q Permian Production Better Than Expected

Shale Daily
Denver-based independent SM Energy Co., focused mostly on Texas, reported higher than expected production and improved well performance from the Permian Basin and its Midland sub-basin during 2Q2018, while output from the Eagle Ford Shale also ticked upward.

Talos Mississippi Canyon Well in Deepwater Ramps Near Top of Guidance, Ahead of Schedule

Daily GPI
Houston-based Talos Energy Inc. said its Mount Providence well in the Gulf of Mexico deepwater has begun producing about two months ahead of schedule, with current gross production of 3,850 boe/d -- near the top of guidance.

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Rice Midstream Unitholders Approve Merger With EQT Midstream

Shale Daily
Unitholders of Rice Midstream Partners LP (RMP) have overwhelmingly approved a merger with EQT Midstream Partners LP (EQM) in the final step to combine the companies.

U.S. Rig Count Pulls Back as Oil Leads Decline, Says BHI

Shale Daily
The United States saw eight rigs, most of them oil-directed, exit the patch for the week ended Friday, including declines in Texas and Louisiana, according to data from Baker Hughes Inc.

Sempra Still Positive on Port Arthur LNG Despite Woodside’s Withdrawal

Daily GPI
Australia-based Woodside Energy Ltd. has decided not to invest in Sempra Energy's proposed Port Arthur, TX, liquefied natural gas project, but plans are moving forward toward a final investment decision next year, a spokesperson said.

California Eyes Ocean Restoration Where Water-Cooled Gas-Fired Power Plants Operated

Daily GPI
A science advisory team in California has outlined a blueprint for ocean water restoration in the offshore areas that were once used to cool coastal natural gas-fired power plants with seawater. The plants were ordered nearly a decade ago by state water authorities to phase out the practice of "once-through-cooling."

Brief -- US Methanol

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Kinder Morgan Accelerating Plans to Tackle Permian Natural Gas Bottleneck

Daily GPI
Kinder Morgan Inc. management said late Wednesday it would pump $2.4 billion into growth projects this year, up $200 million from the previous forecast, as it lays the groundwork to debottleneck the juggernaut that is the Permian Basin, where oil and associated natural gas production is booming.

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FERC Denies Rehearing Requests on Millennium Pipeline’s Eastern System Upgrade

Daily GPI
A divided FERC rejected requests from two environmental groups for a rehearing over its decision to certify Millennium Pipeline Co. LLC's Eastern System Upgrade project on Thursday, with Commissioner Richard Glick dissenting in part, arguing that it should have considered the project's contribution to climate change.

Constitution Pipeline Denied FERC Rehearing

Shale Daily
In still another setback for Constitution Pipeline Co. LLC, FERC has rejected the company's request for a rehearing of a decision earlier this year in which the Commission found that New York regulators did not waive their authority by failing to issue a water quality certification (WQC) within a reasonable period of time.

Wyoming’s Barrasso Proposes Accelerating Natural Gas Exports to NATO Countries

Daily GPI
A bill introduced in the Senate Wednesday would give North Atlantic Treaty Organization member countries "an escape from Russia's political...

Potential Coal, Nuclear Bailout Could Cost $17-35B Annually, Study Indicates

Daily GPI
The annual cost to support coal and nuclear plants as proposed by the Trump administration could climb as high as $35 billion, according to a report from The Brattle Group.

FERC, PHMSA to Collaborate on LNG Application Reviews, McIntyre Says

Daily GPI
Just two days after hinting that FERC could soon have news about improved coordination with other federal entities to speed along pending liquefied natural gas applications, Chairman Kevin McIntyre delivered his scoop.

LaFleur, Glick Shed Light on Recent Dissents in Natural Gas Pipeline Approval Cases

Daily GPI
Commissioners Cheryl LaFleur and Richard Glick, the two Democratic members of the five-member FERC, dissented to natural gas pipeline certificates on their agenda Thursday, as they have several times in recent weeks, and shed some light on their reasoning in those cases.

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NGI's Bidweek Alert Day 5 - June 29th for July 2018
For more detailed information please download the Excel data file
South Texas
Agua Dulce -- --
Florida Gas Zone 1 -- --
NGPL S. TX -- --
Tennessee Zone 0 South -- -0.17 to -0.17
Texas Eastern S. TX -- 0.00 to 0.03
Transco Zone 1 -- --
East Texas
Carthage -- -0.1475 to -0.1475
Houston Ship Channel 3.00 to 3.03 --
Katy -- --
NGPL TexOk 2.77 to 2.77 -0.18 to -0.1725
Tennessee Zone 0 North -- --
Texas Eastern E. TX -- -0.10 to -0.10
Transco Zone 2 -- --
West Texas/SE New Mexico
El Paso Permian 1.70 to 2.00 --
Transwestern 1.77 to 1.83 --
Waha 1.71 to 1.80 --
Alliance -- --
ANR ML7 -- --
Chicago Citygate 2.72 to 2.84 --
Chicago - Nicor Gas 2.72 to 2.84 --
Chicago - NIPSCO 2.74 to 2.77 --
Chicago - North Shore -- --
Chicago - Peoples 2.74 to 2.75 --
Consumers Energy -- -0.17 to -0.1625
Dawn 2.79 to 2.88 -0.19 to -0.17
Emerson -- -0.435 to -0.41
Joliet -- --
Lebanon -- --
Michigan Consolidated -- -0.19 to -0.17
NGPL Amarillo Mainline -- --
Parkway/Union -- --
REX into ANR - Shelby -- --
REX into MGT - Edgar -- --
REX into NGPL - Moultrie -- --
REX into PEPL - Putnam -- --
REX into Trunk - Douglas -- --
ANR SW 2.26 to 2.26 -0.76 to -0.68
Enable East -- -0.26 to -0.25
Enable West -- --
NGPL Midcontinent 2.26 to 2.35 -0.65 to -0.65
Northern Border Ventura -- --
Northern Natural Demarc 2.58 to 2.71 --
Northern Natural Ventura 2.59 to 2.70 --
OGT -- -1.20 to -1.20
Panhandle Eastern 2.22 to 2.25 -0.775 to -0.75
Southern Star -- --
North Louisiana/Arkansas
Perryville -- --
Texas Eastern, M1, 24 -- --
Texas Gas Zone 1 -- -0.175 to -0.17
Trunkline Zone 1A -- -0.2375 to -0.22
South Louisiana
ANR SE -- -0.195 to -0.19
Columbia Gulf Mainline -- -0.195 to -0.1475
Columbia Gulf onshore -- --
Florida Gas Zone 2 -- --
Henry Hub -- 0.00 to 0.00
Southern Natural -- -0.0575 to -0.055
Tennessee Line 500 -- -0.075 to -0.07
Tennessee Line 800 -- -0.10 to -0.095
Texas Eastern E. LA -- -0.11 to -0.11
Texas Eastern W. LA -- --
Texas Gas Zone SL -- --
Transco Zone 3 -- -0.05 to -0.04
Trunkline E. LA -- --
Trunkline W. LA -- --
FGT Citygate -- --
Florida Gas Zone 3 -- 0.02 to 0.02
Texas Eastern M-1, 30 -- -0.1325 to -0.125
Transco Zone 4 -- -0.0375 to -0.03
Transco Zone 5 -- 0.075 to 0.085
Transco Zone 5 North -- --
Transco Zone 5 South -- 0.075 to 0.085
Columbia Gas 2.77 to 2.81 -0.1975 to -0.185
Dominion North -- -0.67 to -0.64
Dominion South -- -0.67 to -0.6325
Leidy Hub -- --
Millennium East Pool -- -0.84 to -0.80
Tenn Zone 4 200L -- -0.36 to -0.335
Tennessee Zn 4 313 Pool -- -0.46 to -0.45
Tennessee Zn 4 Marcellus -- -0.91 to -0.85
Texas Eastern M-2, 30 Delivery -- --
Texas Eastern M-2, 30 Receipt -- -0.69 to -0.66
Texas Eastern M-3, Delivery -- -0.58 to -0.55
Texas Eastern M-3, Receipt -- --
Transco-Leidy Line -- -0.93 to -0.75
Algonquin Citygate -- -0.26 to -0.125
Algonquin Citygate (non-G) -- -0.26 to -0.125
Algonquin Receipts -- --
Iroquois Zone 2 -- -0.14 to -0.09
Iroquois, Waddington -- --
Niagara -- -0.30 to -0.30
Tenn Zone 5 200L -- --
Tenn Zone 5 300L -- --
Tenn Zone 6 200L -- -0.175 to -0.13
Tenn Zone 6 300L -- --
Transco Zone 6 non-NY -- -0.14 to -0.06
Transco Zone 6 non-NY North -- -0.14 to -0.06
Transco Zone 6 non-NY South -- --
Transco Zone 6 NY -- -0.125 to -0.125
Rocky Mountains
Cheyenne Hub 2.19 to 2.23 --
CIG -- --
CIG DJ Basin -- --
El Paso Bondad -- --
El Paso non-Bondad 2.11 to 2.15 --
Kern River 2.30 to 2.30 --
Kingsgate -- --
Northwest S. of Green River -- --
Northwest Sumas 1.67 to 1.83 --
Northwest Wyoming Pool 2.21 to 2.22 --
Opal 2.20 to 2.33 --
Questar -- --
Stanfield -- --
Transwestern San Juan 2.14 to 2.16 --
White River Hub -- --
El Paso S. Mainline/N. Baja -- --
Kern Delivery 2.76 to 2.95 --
Malin 2.26 to 2.37 --
PG&E Citygate 2.93 to 3.02 --
SoCal Citygate 3.71 to 4.26 --
Southern Border, PG&E 2.24 to 2.35 --
Southern Border, SoCal 2.10 to 2.85 --
SoCal Border Avg. 2.10 to 2.85 --
Empress -- --
NOVA/AECO C 1.34 to 1.52 --
Westcoast Station 2 1.28 to 1.35 --
NOTE: Both the buy and the sell side of transactions are counted in this table, as they are in NGI’s daily, weekly and bidweek natural gas price tables, a standard practice which supports consistency and uniformity across products as explained in our price methodology.