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Another 22 Bcf/d Lower 48 Supply Growth Forecast by 2023
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Another 22 Bcf/d Lower 48 Supply Growth Forecast by 2023

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September 19, 2018



U.S. to Export ‘Tremendous’ Amount of LNG to Poland as Countries Seek to Expand Energy Security

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Emphasizing the United States’ commitment to energy diversity across Europe, President Trump on Tuesday said a “tremendous” amount of liquefied natural gas (LNG) would be exported to Poland at “a really good price.”

More Long-Range Cold Seen Overnight as October Natural Gas Steady

Daily GPI
Coming off Tuesday’s sharp rally, October natural gas futures were trading close to even shortly after 8 a.m. ET Wednesday at around $2.930/MMBtu, with forecasters pointing to additional long-range cold in the overnight guidance.

Natural Gas Futures Bulls Ride Cash Strength to Rally Market

Daily GPI
Don’t call it a comeback, but natural gas futures bulls reasserted themselves Tuesday, seizing on strong cash prices and signs of continued weather-driven demand to rally a market in need of a mild shoulder season to refill depleted stockpiles. Spot prices surged in the Mid-Atlantic as West Texas cash basis weakened; the NGI National Spot Gas Average added 3 cents to $2.75/MMBtu.

October Natural Gas Called Slightly Higher as HDDs Build in Outlook

Daily GPI
The October natural gas futures contract was trading about 0.7 cents higher at around $2.821 shortly after 8 a.m. ET Tuesday as forecasters pointed to glimpses of fall heating demand showing up in the outlook toward the end of the month.

Florence Impact Felt in Flooding, but Natural Gas Mostly Spared; Futures, Cash Gain

Daily GPI
Both natural gas futures and physical markets bounced back Monday after posting discounts heading into the weekend, with prices getting a boost from lingering September heat and demand impacts from former Hurricane Florence that proved less extensive than previously predicted. The NGI National Spot Gas Average picked up 18 cents on the day to $2.72/MMBtu.

Vitol Nabs 15-Year LNG Supply Agreement with Cheniere

Daily GPI
As Vitol Inc. extends its global commodities reach with natural gas exports, the Swiss trader has inked a 15-year contract with Houston’s Cheniere Energy Inc. for 70,000 metric tons/year.

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AMLO Adviser Endorses Mexico E&P Bid Rounds, Farm-Outs Under New Administration

The suspension of oil and gas bid rounds by Mexico’s next government will hopefully only last a few months, according to one of President-Elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s (AMLO) top energy advisers.

Permian Explorer Tall City Ropes $500M From Warburg

Shale Daily
Midland, TX-based Tall City Exploration III LLC, an exploration and production (E&P) company focused on the Permian Basin and backed by Warburg Pincus, said it has secured financing of up to $500 million from funds affiliated with the equity giant to pursue bolt-on opportunities in the basin.

Mexico's Oro Negro Turned From Black Gold to Dust in Cautionary Tale for OFS

Following a hearing in Singapore, Mexican-based oilfield services (OFS) company Servicios Petroleros Oro Negro SAPI de CV has been cleared to negotiate with creditors a year after it sought the protection of the law under a bankruptcy procedure, known as concurso mercantil, similar to Chapter 11 in the United States.

Shell Committing to Sharp Methane Emissions Reductions

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Royal Dutch Shell plc on Monday said it is targeting a methane emissions intensity by 2025 of below 0.2% for all of the global oil and natural gas assets it operates.

Another 22 Bcf/d Lower 48 Supply Growth Forecast by 2023

Shale Daily
Going back to last year, natural gas production forecasts based on drilling fundamentals missed key signals...

Linn to Cease Trading in Reorganization with Roan Entities

Shale Daily
Roan Resources Inc., newly formed by Linn Energy Inc., Roan Holdings LLC and Roan LLC, expects to begin trading over the counter by the end of the month as a pure-play Oklahoma explorer.

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Biogas Producer Sees RNG Gold in Kansas, Proposes $100M Complex

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A Michigan-based biogas producer with European ties thinks there is gold in the agricultural waste of Kansas, where it is proposing to build a $100 million production complex in the heart of the Heartland to produce renewable natural gas (RNG).

Taproot’s Midstream Buildout Tapping into Colorado’s Growing DJ Production

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An affiliate of Denver-based Taproot Energy Partners LLC has secured agreements to expand a multi-product...

Massachusetts Gas Explosions May Result in ‘Contentious’ Regulatory Oversight for NiSource, Columbia Gas

Daily GPI
A series of natural gas explosions last Thursday in three Massachusetts communities near Boston is a “credit negative” for parent company NiSource Inc. and Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, aka Bay State Gas Co., Moody’s Investors Service said.

Oryx Moving Ahead to Expand Crude Takeaway in Permian Delaware

Shale Daily
Oryx Midstream Services said Tuesday it has successfully completed an open season for a new regional crude oil gathering and transportation system to serve the Permian Basin’s liquids-rich Delaware formation, which runs through West Texas and into southeastern New Mexico.

Study Shows Long-Term Viability of RNG in California

Daily GPI
California Gov. Jerry Brown signed 16 bills covering zero-emission vehicles and climate change mitigation efforts last week, as university researchers published a study verifying the long-term viability of renewable natural gas sources in the state.

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MVP Ordered to Halt West Virginia River Crossing

Daily GPI
The Mountain Valley Pipeline has again been ordered to temporarily stop work on a small stretch of the project in southern West Virginia so a circuit court judge may review a pending appeal filed by landowners and environmental organizations.

Interior Moves to Rescind Most of Venting/Flaring Rule; Two States Sue

Shale Daily
The Department of Interior (DOI) moved Tuesday to rescind most of an Obama-era rule governing associated natural gas flaring and venting on public and tribal lands while revising the remaining provisions, calling the parts of the rule marked for rescission "unnecessarily burdensome" for the oil and gas industry.

California Urged to Lower Gas for Generation Penalties During Heat Waves

Daily GPI
California power and natural gas officials agree there need to be modifications to penalties imposed on gas-fired generators during heat wave-driven peak demand periods, particularly in Southern California, where gas storage options are limited.

EPA, 25 Attorneys General Urge Court to Keep CPP Cases On Hold

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The Environmental Protection Agency, as well as 25 attorneys general and an extensive list of trade associations, electric cooperatives and others, urged a federal appellate court to continue holding legal challenges to the Clean Power Plan in abeyance, on the grounds that the agency is "well along in its review of the rule."

California's Goal of Carbon-Free Power Estimated to Cost $100B-Plus

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The price tag for California's push for 100% renewable resources to generate electricity supplies by 2045 is well above $100 billion, according to an analysis by Moody's Investors Service.

Escalating Sino-U.S. Trade War Ensnaring U.S. LNG

Daily GPI
Less than 24 hours after President Trump late Monday announced tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese products, Beijing responded in kind with $60 billion worth of taxes on American goods, including a 10% tariff on liquefied natural gas (LNG), as the Sino-U.S. trade war continued to escalate.

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NGI's Bidweek Alert Day 5 - August 31st for September 2018
For more detailed information please download the Excel data file
South Texas
Agua Dulce -- --
Florida Gas Zone 1 -- --
NGPL S. TX -- --
Tennessee Zone 0 South -- -0.125 to -0.12
Texas Eastern S. TX -- 0.01 to 0.0225
Transco Zone 1 -- -0.05 to -0.04
East Texas
Carthage -- -0.155 to -0.135
Houston Ship Channel 2.94 to 2.95 0.085 to 0.10
Katy -- 0.07 to 0.07
NGPL TexOk -- -0.17 to -0.135
Tennessee Zone 0 North -- --
Texas Eastern E. TX -- -0.08 to -0.08
Transco Zone 2 -- --
West Texas/SE New Mexico
El Paso Permian 1.37 to 1.87 --
Transwestern 1.40 to 1.47 --
Waha 1.20 to 1.35 --
Alliance -- -0.185 to -0.185
ANR ML7 -- --
Chicago Citygate 2.70 to 2.79 --
Chicago - Nicor Gas 2.70 to 2.79 --
Chicago - NIPSCO -- --
Chicago - North Shore -- --
Chicago - Peoples 2.71 to 2.76 --
Consumers Energy -- 0.00 to 0.0075
Dawn 2.88 to 2.97 -0.015 to 0.0175
Emerson -- -0.18 to -0.16
Joliet -- -0.185 to -0.185
Lebanon -- --
Michigan Consolidated 2.87 to 2.87 -0.045 to -0.01
NGPL Amarillo Mainline -- --
Parkway/Union -- 0.015 to 0.015
REX into ANR - Shelby -- -0.17 to -0.1625
REX into MGT - Edgar -- -0.165 to -0.165
REX into NGPL - Moultrie -- -0.1675 to -0.165
REX into PEPL - Putnam -- --
REX into Trunk - Douglas -- --
ANR SW 2.22 to 2.22 -0.67 to -0.62
Enable East -- -0.26 to -0.23
Enable West -- --
NGPL Midcontinent 2.22 to 2.24 --
Northern Border Ventura -- --
Northern Natural Demarc 2.64 to 2.75 --
Northern Natural Ventura 2.65 to 2.75 --
OGT 1.56 to 1.56 -1.35 to -1.33
Panhandle Eastern -- -0.68 to -0.65
Southern Star -- --
North Louisiana/Arkansas
Perryville -- --
Texas Eastern, M1, 24 -- --
Texas Gas Zone 1 -- -0.13 to -0.125
Trunkline Zone 1A -- -0.165 to -0.1575
South Louisiana
ANR SE -- -0.12 to -0.115
Columbia Gulf Mainline -- -0.1375 to -0.13
Columbia Gulf onshore -- -0.105 to -0.105
Florida Gas Zone 2 -- --
Henry Hub -- 0.0025 to 0.0025
Southern Natural -- -0.065 to -0.055
Tennessee Line 500 -- -0.0625 to -0.06
Tennessee Line 800 -- -0.08 to -0.0775
Texas Eastern E. LA -- -0.075 to -0.075
Texas Eastern W. LA -- --
Texas Gas Zone SL -- --
Transco Zone 3 -- -0.04 to -0.0325
Trunkline E. LA -- --
Trunkline W. LA -- --
FGT Citygate -- --
Florida Gas Zone 3 -- --
Texas Eastern M-1, 30 -- -0.09 to -0.09
Transco Zone 4 -- -0.035 to -0.025
Transco Zone 5 -- 0.03 to 0.07
Transco Zone 5 North -- --
Transco Zone 5 South -- 0.03 to 0.07
Columbia Gas -- -0.25 to -0.215
Dominion North -- -0.43 to -0.4275
Dominion South -- -0.46 to -0.375
Leidy Hub -- --
Millennium East Pool -- -0.50 to -0.46
Tenn Zone 4 200L -- -0.21 to -0.19
Tennessee Zn 4 313 Pool -- -0.28 to -0.28
Tennessee Zn 4 Marcellus -- -0.525 to -0.48
Texas Eastern M-2, 30 Delivery -- --
Texas Eastern M-2, 30 Receipt -- -0.45 to -0.40
Texas Eastern M-3, Delivery -- -0.35 to -0.28
Texas Eastern M-3, Receipt -- --
Transco-Leidy Line -- -0.44 to -0.415
Algonquin Citygate -- 0.05 to 0.08
Algonquin Citygate (non-G) -- 0.05 to 0.08
Algonquin Receipts -- --
Iroquois Zone 2 -- 0.03 to 0.04
Iroquois, Waddington -- 0.00 to 0.05
Niagara -- --
Tenn Zone 5 200L -- --
Tenn Zone 5 300L -- --
Tenn Zone 6 200L -- 0.02 to 0.02
Tenn Zone 6 300L -- --
Transco Zone 6 non-NY -- -0.23 to -0.20
Transco Zone 6 non-NY North -- -0.23 to -0.20
Transco Zone 6 non-NY South -- --
Transco Zone 6 NY -- --
Rocky Mountains
Cheyenne Hub 2.26 to 2.28 --
CIG 2.22 to 2.23 --
CIG DJ Basin -- --
El Paso Bondad -- --
El Paso non-Bondad 2.14 to 2.17 --
Kern River 2.26 to 2.31 --
Kingsgate 2.15 to 2.15 --
Northwest S. of Green River 2.17 to 2.18 --
Northwest Sumas 2.00 to 2.15 --
Northwest Wyoming Pool -- --
Opal 2.27 to 2.38 --
Questar -- --
Stanfield -- --
Transwestern San Juan 2.15 to 2.19 --
White River Hub 2.25 to 2.25 --
El Paso S. Mainline/N. Baja -- --
Kern Delivery 3.10 to 3.10 --
Malin 2.34 to 2.40 --
PG&E Citygate 3.17 to 3.21 --
SoCal Citygate 4.67 to 5.52 --
Southern Border, PG&E 2.20 to 2.28 --
Southern Border, SoCal 2.24 to 2.98 --
SoCal Border Avg. 2.24 to 2.98 --
Empress -- --
NOVA/AECO C 0.74 to 1.15 --
Westcoast Station 2 0.91 to 1.00 --
NOTE: Both the buy and the sell side of transactions are counted in this table, as they are in NGI’s daily, weekly and bidweek natural gas price tables, a standard practice which supports consistency and uniformity across products as explained in our price methodology.