NGI Coverage of Mexico's Emerging Infrastructure

• Daily reporting on energy reform in Mexico, provided by NGI's Thought Leaders
• Updated throughout the day as news breaks
• Top story distributed via email by 10 AM CT each morning
• Full Access to NGI Exclusive Charts and Graphs (see below)
• Access to Mexico GPI article archives

Next Day US Gas Prices Impactful to Mexico

• Current pricing at key border points like Ehrenberg, El Paso Permian,
  Waha, and NGPL S. Tx
• Includes price range, average, price change, volume, and number of deals
• Mexico domestic spot prices to be added as soon as available
• Updated Daily

US/MX Natural Gas Cost-Plus-Transport Prices* *Estimated

• Shows the theoretical delivered price of natural gas from the U.S. to points
  within the various regions of Mexico's SISTRANGAS system
• Based on current Texas spot market indexes and pipeline transportation
  rates in both countries
• Includes daily US / Mexico exchange rates
• Prices in both $US/MMBtu and MX/GJ
• Updated Daily

Mexico/US Border NatGas Flow Tracker

• Pipeline flows and capacity utilization figures at major border export points
• Prices at points relevant to US / Mexico Border
• Includes delivery volume at both US and Mexico points
• Updated Daily

US Forward Curves Impactful to Mexico

• Daily reporting on energy reform in Mexico, provided by NGI's Thought Leaders
• Track forward prices at points relevant to U.S. natural gas exports to Mexico
• View fixed and basis form going out a full year
• Points include Henry Hub, Houston Ship Channel, Tennessee Zone 0 South,
  TETCO S. TX, El Paso Permian, Waha and SoCal Border

Average Day-Ahead Mexico Nodal Power Prices

• Power prices at major market locations across Mexico's three grids shown in   MXP/MWH and $US/MWH
• Daily changes are also calculated to make it easier to see price movements
• Shows the 24-hour high, low and average prices for each point
• Updated Daily

US Weekly Storage Data Impactful to Mexico

• Compare U.S. South Central storage working gas levels (serving both
  U.S. and Mexico) to historical averages
• Details Cap Util%'s, Yr/Yr, and also Prev-5 Yr deltas
• Updated Weekly

Mexico IPGN Monthly Gas Prices

• Details the monthly IPGN price published by the CRE
• Prices in MXP/GJ and $US/MMBtu
• Additional statistics include volumes, deals, and number of companies
  reporting to the CRE