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Dallas Fed Eyeing ‘End of The Texas Slump’

Job losses in the energy sector of the Texas economy slowed during the third quarter. Houston saw a turnaround in employment trends, but gains were more robust in Dallas and Fort Worth. Meanwhile, exports of Texas natural gas to Mexico continue to increase. Read More

Oil/Gas Rout Makes Its Mark on Texas Economy

Texas oil and natural gas industry employment fell 19.4% last year amid a nearly 66% decline in the price of oil and a 75% reduction in the number of active drilling rigs, according to economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Within the state, though, regions vary in their economic performance. Read More

Anti-Drilling Forces Prevail in Dallas

Dallas City Council members on Wednesday afternoon voted to increase natural gas well setbacks from housing from 300 feet to 1,500 feet as part of a drilling ordinance proposed by the Dallas City Plan Commission (CPC) and favored by residents opposed to drilling within the city limits. Read More