Welcome to NGI’s MidDay Price Alert, a new service brought to you by Natural Gas Intelligence, the leaders of market pricing and transparency since 1981. We will make best efforts to update the information on this page each day natural gas is traded (see calendar) by 1PM  ET.

NGI’s MidDay Price Alert is constructed from trades received by NGI each business day by 12:45 pm ET, both from companies who are principles to the trade as well as from the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). If you would like to receive gas price data only from the ICE, please contact them directly at https://www.theice.com.

NGI’s MidDay Price Alert is neither meant to compete with nor serve as a proxy for NGI’s Daily Price Indexes published each business day in NGI’s Daily Gas Price Index. MidDay Alert prices may contain anomalous data that will later be removed through NGI’s process of analyzing and excluding irregular data that fail tests of appropriateness, applicability, and reasonableness. In fact, it is possible MidDay Alert data have not been reviewed by an NGI Price Editor and therefore DO NOT conform with the standards set forth by NGI’s Price Methodology.


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