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Deliveries into and from Sabine's Henry Hub in Erath, LA. Connecting pipelines include Acadian, Bridgeline, Columbia Gulf, Gulf South, Jefferson Island, NGPL, Sabine, Sea Robin, Southern Natural, Trunkline, Transco, & Texas Gas.

Spurred by Hotter Weather, Natural Gas Futures Rally Sharply

In contrast to recent range-bound action, natural gas futures added close to a dime Tuesday as forecasters noted hotter medium-range weather trends that could keep current storage deficits from shrinking as quickly as previously thought. In the spot market, prices strengthened across the Midwest and Texas with hot weather on the way, while points in the West pulled back; the NGI National Spot Gas Average added 4 cents to $2.44/MMBtu.

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Warmer May Temps Boost Weekly Natural Gas Spot Prices; Storage Deficits Support Futures Bulls

Some above-normal May temperatures offered a slight boost for natural gas spot prices during the week ended Friday, while storage deficits helped bulls gain ground in the futures market despite a larger-than-average injection; the NGI Weekly National Spot Gas Average climbed 7 cents to $2.38.

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Natural Gas Futures Slightly Lower After Storage-Led Rally; Spot Prices Mixed

Natural gas futures inched lower Friday after trading in a fairly narrow range, with the market continuing to piece together a storage picture that could see deficits persist deep into the summer. In the spot market, prices fell across markets in the West as Midwest points strengthened following recent declines; the NGI National Spot Gas Average slipped a penny to $2.33/MMBtu.

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Large Deficits Help Rally Natural Gas Futures as EIA Storage Data Confirms Estimates

With large storage deficits and summer cooling demand just around the corner, natural gas futures... Read More

EIA Storage Data Confirms Consensus, Barely Nudges Natural Gas Futures

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) on Thursday reported a triple-digit weekly natural gas storage... Read More

Natural Gas Futures Ease as Bulls Fail Test of Resistance; Cooling Demand Boosts Spot Market

Natural gas futures pulled back slightly Tuesday as analysts pointed to the potential for prices to retreat further ahead of an Energy Information Administration (EIA) report expected to show a larger-than-average storage injection. In the spot market, hotter temperatures supported higher prices in Texas and the Midwest, while Appalachia continued to show volatility coinciding with maintenance in the region; the NGI National Spot Gas Average added a nickel to $2.44/MMBtu.

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June Natural Gas Gets a Jolt as EIA Storage Build Leaner Than Expected

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) on Thursday reported a weekly natural gas storage injection that... Read More

Shoulder Season Lull Sees Small Adjustments for Natural Gas Futures, Spot Market

Natural gas futures inched lower Tuesday, with bears and bulls both struggling to gain the upper hand amid the competing influences of production growth and storage deficits. In the spot market, with moderate shoulder season weather in full swing across much of the Lower 48, most regional  averages finished within a few pennies of even; the NGI National Spot Gas Average climbed 2 cents to $2.35/MMBtu.

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Natural Gas Futures Bounce Back as Storage Still in Focus; Cash Prices Strengthen

Natural gas futures rebounded Monday after trading on both sides of even, with the market continuing to weigh production growth against storage deficits as May forecasts hint at cooling demand potential. Read More

Weekly Natural Gas Prices Slump on Shoulder Season Demand; AECO Trades Negative

With generally moderate May weather equating to a lack of significant heating or cooling demand during the week ended Friday, natural gas spot prices trended lower; theNGI Weekly National Spot Gas Average fell 11 cents to $2.32/MMBtu. Read More