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Comprised of transactions within the ANR Southeast Area, including both the Transmission and the Gathering segments of the pipeline. This region includes all onshore and offshore points on ANR Pipeline south of and including the SE Headstation at Eunice, LA. Those points south of Eunice lie along two separate offshore/onshore laterals. Gas from the east lateral comes onshore through the 1.6 Bcf/d Calumet Processing Plant in Saint Mary Parish, LA, while the west lateral shuttles gas from the High Island Offshore System onshore through the Grand Chenier Compressor Station. The two laterals merge at the SE Headstation in Eunice.

NatGas Cash Sags, But Futures Bulls Grab The Reins Following EIA Storage Data

Physical natural gas for delivery Friday traded lower Thursday as traders scurried to get their deals done before the release of Energy Information Administration inventory data. Read More

April NatGas Futures Waffle Lower Following On-Target Storage Stats

Natural gas futures were tentative Thursday immediately after the Energy Information Administration reported a storage withdrawal that was what the market was expecting. Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Race Each Other Lower; April Sheds 8 Cents

In a sharp reversal, physical natural gas for Thursday delivery fell hard and fell often in Wednesday trading. One point followed by NGI was unchanged, and most points outside the Northeast fell about a dime. Read More

NatGas Cash Firms and One Analyst Sees $4.00 By Year’s End; April Adds 9 Cents

Physical natural gas for Tuesday delivery responded to a variety to temperature patterns across the United States in Monday's trading. Outside New England, market points on average posted gains of a nickel to a dime or more, but New England's temperatures Tuesday were expected to be warmer leading to price weakness. Read More

Weekly NatGas Cash Posts Another Solid Gain, Yet Futures Falter

Weather-driven reality outdid weather-driven anticipation in weekly physical natural gas trading ending March 17. The NGI Weekly National Spot Gas Average rose a stout 29 cents to $3.07, one penny more than the prior week's 28-cent advance to $2.78. Read More

Free-Falling New England Quotes Soften NatGas Cash; Futures Add Nearly A Nickel

Natural gas cash for weekend and Monday delivery at most points eased a couple of pennies in Friday trading, but outsize declines at just a few New England points skewed the average several cents lower. Read More

Easing Demand Pummels NatGas Cash Pricing; EIA Storage Stats Have Futures Bears Stirring

Physical natural gas for Friday delivery plunged across a broad front in Thursday's trading as energy demand was forecast to weaken and power prices plunged. Read More

NatGas Bears Find Footing Following Release of Bearish Storage Data

Natural gas futures retreated Thursday morning after the Energy Information Administration reported a storage withdrawal that was slightly less than what the market was expecting. Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Part Company; April Adds 4 Cents

Physical natural gas for Thursday delivery took a fall in Wednesday's trading as forecasts called for somewhat more moderate conditions across the storm-battered Northeast -- but prices still... Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Post Modest Gains As Traders Mull Market Direction; April Adds 3 Cents

Physical gas for Tuesday delivery gained, with major trading centers on Monday posting gains, and next-day quotes getting assistance from firm power pricing. Steady gains of a nickel or more in Texas, Louisiana, the Midcontinent and Midwest were able to counter highly volatile trading in New England and the Mid-Atlantic. Read More