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SoCal Swings Higher on Heat as Weekly Natural Gas Spot Market Mixed

Price blowouts in Southern California headlined natural gas spot trading for the week ended Friday, while more comfortable temperatures helped send prices lower throughout the Midwest and East; the NGI Weekly National Spot Gas Average added 2 cents to $2.72. Read More

Day After Storage-Driven Rally, Natural Gas Futures Stable; SoCal Spikes Further

Natural gas futures pulled back slightly during an uneventful session Friday, with prices stable one day after rallying on bullish government storage data. In the spot market, the mercurial SoCal Citygate extended its run higher ahead of more heat expected in California, while points throughout the Gulf Coast and Texas saw modest gains; the NGI National Spot Gas Average added 3 cents to $2.71/MMBtu. Read More

Natural Gas Futures Rally on Tight EIA Print; Heat Drives SoCal Spot Blowout

Not quite a wake-up call, but government storage data showed an injection well below expectations Thursday, shaking up the... Read More

EIA’s Big Bullish Storage Miss Shakes Up Natural Gas Market Lulled by Production

A bullish surprise from the Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) weekly natural gas inventory report served... Read More

Cooler Weather Helps Drag Down Natural Gas Futures as Production Keeping Bears in Control

Natural gas futures continued their recent slide Tuesday as strong production and cooler weather trends conspired to help drag down prices. In the spot market, more volatility in Southern California and retreating prices in the Northeast headlined a day of generally small adjustments; the NGI National Spot Gas Average gave back a penny to finish at $2.74/MMBtu. Read More

NGI's Full Coverage of the 2018 World Gas Conference

Don't miss out on what went down at WGC 2018. Read all of NGI's Thought Leader's coverage of the five-day conference now.. Read More

Natural Gas Futures Near Even as Heat, Storage Help Support Hold

Natural gas futures traded on either side of $2.75 Monday as the market continued to see production offsetting storage deficits. Near-term heat sent spot prices higher in Southern California, while Appalachian locations benefited from the return of Leach XPress capacity; the NGI National Spot Gas Average gained 7 cents to $2.75/MMBtu. Read More

Production Squashing Storage Fears as Natural Gas Futures Continue Slide

Natural gas futures bulls gave up more ground Friday as production continued to allay the market’s storage concerns. Spot prices fell throughout the Midwest with cooler temperatures in the forecast, while the volatile SoCal Citygate gained heading into the weekend; the NGI National Spot Gas Average dropped 3 cents to $2.68/MMBtu. Read More

Lean EIA Build Can’t Spark Natural Gas Futures Rally; SoCal Spot Strengthens

Natural gas futures pulled back Thursday as weekly government storage data came in tighter than surveys but not enough to rile... Read More

EIA Storage Build Lighter Than Surveys, But Natural Gas Futures Market Not Impressed

The Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) weekly natural gas storage report missed to the low side of... Read More