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Includes transactions to delivery points within the Algonquin system. Excludes gas deliveries into Algonquin from connecting pipelines, as that is a separate index.

NatGas Cash Plunges Ahead Of Holiday Weekend, Yet June Futures Expire Firm

It looked like physical buyers of natural gas had left town ahead of the holiday weekend as prices plunged in Friday trading. Read More

NatGas Futures Drifting Lower Following Plump Storage Build

June futures slipped lower on Thursday morning after the Energy Information Administration (EIA) reported a storage injection for the week ended May 19 that was slightly greater... Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Flip Flop; Cash Tumbles, But June Down Only A Penny

Natural gas cash and futures reversed roles from Tuesday's trading on Wednesday, with the physical market for Thursday delivery plunging and spot June futures easing just a bit. In the physical market only one point followed by NGI made it to positive territory and the NGI National Spot Gas Average fell by 10 cents to $2.93. Read More

West Coast NatGas Leads Market Higher; Futures Add 7 Cents Of Their Own

Physical natural gas for Tuesday delivery bounded higher in Monday's trading, aided and abetted by a strong screen, pervasive above normal heat on the West Coast and increased seasonal exports to Mexico. Strongest advances were seen in market points serving California and West Coast points, and the NGI National Spot Gas Average added 7 cents to $3.01. Read More

Weekly NatGas Cash Inches Its Way To $3, Yet Futures Post Ominous Decline

It was a struggle, but for the week ended May 19, weekly natural gas finally huffed and puffed its way to $3 with individual market points generally trading within a nickel of unchanged. A spring heat wave in New England provided much of the impetus for prices to clear the $3 barrier, and the NGI Weekly Spot Gas Average rose 3 cents to $3.00. Read More

Northeast Losses Offset Broader Market Gains; NatGas Futures Add 7 Cents

Prices eased for weekend and Monday physical natural gas deliveries, with weather-driven moderation at Northeast, Southeast, and Appalachia points staving off strong pricing in Texas, the Midwest, and Louisiana. The NGI National Spot Gas Average lost two cents to $2.94. Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Slide Following Greater-Than-Expected Storage Stats

Natural gas cash for delivery Friday worked lower in Thursday trading ahead of the Energy Information Administration inventory report as next-day temperature forecasts showed a precipitous drop for eastern market points currently under an oppressive heat wave. Read More

Plump NatGas Storage Report Elicits Ho-Hum Market Response; June Adds 2 Cents

June futures slumped Thursday morning when the Energy Information Administration reported a storage injection that was greater than what traders were expecting. Read More

Eastern Heat Wave Lifts New England, Mid-Atlantic Quotes; NatGas Futures Flounder

At first glance it might look like physical gas trading for Thursday delivery was a quiet affair as the NGI National Spot Gas Average slipped 2 cents to $3.00. That average, however, was comprised of large weather driven gains sending Northeast quotes up by double digits and broader losses of about a nickel strewn across Louisiana, Texas, the Southeast, and California. Read More

NatGas Cash Steady, But Futures Bulls Find The Air Thin; June Slides 7.5 Cents

Physical natural gas for delivery Tuesday showed little change in Monday trading as outage-driven gains in the Northeast coupled with strength in West Texas were able to balance weak pricing in Appalachia and the Midcontinent. The NGI National Spot Gas Average was up 2 cents to $3.08. Read More