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Includes deals that are conducted anywhere within TransCanada's Alberta System, otherwise known as NOVA. NOVA charges a non-mileage based postage stamp rate to move gas along its system, called the NOVA Inventory Transfer (NIT), so theoretically, there is little difference in price for gas delivered anywhere within the NOVA grid. The AECO Hub is a trademarked name used to describe Niska Gas Storage's two facilities (Suffield and Countess), but the pricing point AECO C is a virtual point that has come to mean all gas that is traded along NOVA under the provisions of the NOVA Inventory Transfer service. Reported in $C/GJ.

Strong New England NatGas Can't Offset Broad Declines; October Futures Off A Penny

Weekend and Monday physical natural gas deliveries went begging in Friday's trading as buyers were reluctant to commit to three-day deals in light of easy spot gas purchases via cell phones and electronic devices. Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Swoon As EIA Reports Healthy Injection

Typically physical natural gas traders will try to get their deals done ahead of the release of Energy Information Administration storage data, and early weakness in futures Thursday morning ahead of the weekly report’s release may have tipped off physical traders. Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Trade In Narrow Ranges; October Slips 3 Cents

Physical natural gas for Thursday delivery moved little in Wednesday's trading as most points outside of Appalachia... Read More

Screen Strength Lifts NatGas Cash; Futures Bears See Trouble as October Adds 12 Cents

Physical natural gas for Tuesday delivery, as well as futures, vaulted higher Monday as forecast warmer temperatures aided and abetted the bullish cause. Physical gains were deep and widespread, with the Northeast being especially strong, while California, the Rockies and West Texas also provided price leadership. Read More

NatGas Cash Probes One-Year Lows, Futures Give Up 9 Cents

Traders were unwilling to commit to three-day deals for physical natural gas Friday as they not only saw a well-supplied market, but looked at the potential loss of demand stemming from Hurricane Irma. Several points traded near one-year lows, and the hardest hit regions were the Rockies, Northeast, Appalachia, and the Southeast. The NGI National Spot Gas Average skidded 15 cents to $2.40. Read More

Weekly NatGas Prices Toe The Line In Wake Of Harvey, Pending Irma

Having to deal with not only demand destruction and production setbacks in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, but now also impending demand loss in the face of approaching Hurricane Irma, the natural gas market for the week ended Sept. 8 still proved rather resilient. Read More
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NatGas Cash, Futures Hold Their Ground As Irma Approaches; October Adds 3 Cents

Stout declines at Northeast points were almost able to offset broad regional gains in physical natural gas trading Wednesday for Thursday delivery. The NGI National Spot Gas Average rose a penny to $2.63, and gains were posted in the Rockies, Appalachia, Louisiana, the Midcontinent and Midwest. Most locations in the Northeast, however, fell from a nickel to a dime. Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Part Ways, October Sheds A Dime

Physical natural gas for Wednesday delivery posted a hefty double digit gain with advances in the Northeast and Appalachia far outdistancing losses in California and soft pricing in Texas, Louisiana, the Midcontinent and Midwest.Physical natural gas for Wednesday delivery posted a hefty double digit gain with advances in the Northeast and Appalachia far outdistancing losses in California and soft pricing in Texas, Louisiana, the Midcontinent and Midwest. Read More

Weekly NatGas Drops, California Bakes, But Futures Surge To Six-Week High

For the abbreviated trading week ended Sept.1, weekly natural gas prices in most sections of the country moved little in contrast to the devastating events that took place on the Texas Gulf Coast. The NGI Weekly National Spot Gas Index fell 11 cents to $2.60. Read More

Spot NatGas Tumbles Ahead Of Long Weekend, But Futures Post Six-Week High

In spite of the risks of lessened supply going into the long weekend, traders elected not to commit to four-day deals, and prices for the holiday weekend slumped. Weakness in Appalachia, the Northeast and California overwhelmed firmer markets in the Midwest, Midcontinent, the Southeast and Louisiana, and the NGI National Spot Gas Average fell 5 cents to $2.58. Read More