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Includes deals that are conducted anywhere within TransCanada's Alberta System, otherwise known as NOVA. NOVA charges a non-mileage based postage stamp rate to move gas along its system, called the NOVA Inventory Transfer (NIT), so theoretically, there is little difference in price for gas delivered anywhere within the NOVA grid. The AECO Hub is a trademarked name used to describe Niska Gas Storage's two facilities (Suffield and Countess), but the pricing point AECO C is a virtual point that has come to mean all gas that is traded along NOVA under the provisions of the NOVA Inventory Transfer service. Reported in $C/GJ.

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Natural gas futures bulls ran out of steam Tuesday after a string of consecutive daily gains as forecasters were calling for supportive April cold to moderate by next week. Spot prices were mixed, with a few Midwest points strengthening on calls for spring snow as much of the Northeast eased off Monday’s weather-related gains; the NGI National Spot Gas Average dropped 9 cents to $2.92.

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Natural Gas Futures Rally on Bullish Storage Miss; Spot Prices Surge on April Chills

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Natural Gas Futures Climb as April Weather Still Seen Supportive; Mid-Atlantic Cash Rises

Forecasts for yet more April cold helped natural gas futures tick higher Friday as surging production was seen limiting upside heading into the shoulder season. In the spot market, prices in the Mid-Atlantic rose ahead of a cold front expected to sweep through over the weekend as points in the West retreated; the NGI National Spot Gas Average slipped 4 cents to $2.88/MMBtu.

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