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Our Southern California Border Average is a simple repeat of our Southern Border, SoCal index. There are no deliveries into PG&E in this posting.

NatGas Futures Post Counterintuitive Response Following EIA Storage Report

July futures moved higher Thursday morning once the Energy Information Administration reported a storage injection for the week ending June 16 that was slightly greater than what traders were expecting. Read More

Coastal Gains Sustain Cash NatGas, But Futures Plunge; July Drops 14 Cents

At first glance physical natural gas markets seemed reasonably well-behaved Monday. The NGI National Spot Gas Average was flat at $2.72. Pervasive weakness from the Southeast to the Midwest, Midcontinent, Texas and Louisiana was readily offset by higher prices in the Northeast and California, particularly southern California. Read More

Weekly Quotes Remain Flat In Ho-Hum Trading

Weekly natural gas trading elected to mark time for the week ended June 16 as few points traded much beyond a penny or two from levels posted the week earlier. The NGI Weekly Spot Gas Average was unchanged at $2.70. Read More

NatGas Cash Posts Solid Gains; July Futures Punch Through $3

Both the physical natural gas and futures markets erased the memories of Wednesday's down day and returned to the win column in Thursday's trading. Modest weakness of a few points in the Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast was countered by gains of a few pennies upwards to a dime at most market points. The NGI National Spot Gas Average 2 cents to $2.65. Read More

July NatGas Surges Past $3 On Bullish EIA Stats, But Can It Hold?

June futures managed a healthy gain Thursday once the Energy Information Administration reported a natural gas storage injection that was somewhat less than what traders were expecting. Read More

Northeast Heat Lifts NatGas Cash, But Futures Drift Lower

Physical natural gas posted strong gains in Monday trading as a heat wave lifted quotes up and down the Atlantic Seaboard. Only three points followed by NGI fell into the loss column, and stout, double-digit gains were common. Read More

Forecast Heat Lifts Physical NatGas, But Futures Add Only A Penny

Weekend and Monday physical natural gas was higher on average, but the market was highly split. Titanic weather-driven gains in the East overwhelmed losses in the Rockies, California, and the Midcontinent. The NGI National Spot Gas Average rose 7 cents to $2.72. Read More

NatGas Cash Weakens, But Futures Hold On Following Hefty Storage Stats

Next-day gas tumbled Thursday as traders scurried to get deals done before the Energy Information Administration weekly storage report. Read More

Futures Rebound Following Plump NatGas Storage Figures

Natural gas futures fell hard initially Thursday morning after the Energy Information Administration reported a storage injection for the week ending June 2 that was much greater than expectations. Read More

Physical NatGas, Futures Ratchet Higher; July Adds 6 Cents

The exuberance in the physical natural gas market Monday continued Tuesday but at a more subdued pace. Read More