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NatGas Cash, Futures Slide Lower; May Loses 3 Cents Ahead Of Options Expiration

Next-day gas for Tuesday delivery generally eased in Monday trading as stout double-digit gains in New England were unable to counter broader setbacks at Midwest market points and producing zones. Read More

Buyers Scarce Ahead Of The Weekend; May NatGas Futures Fall 6 Cents

Buyers for three-day deals were in short supply in Friday's trading and physical natgas at nearly all points fell into the loss column. The losses were surprisingly uniform and most points were off a nickel to a dime, even the usually volatile Northeast. Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Soften On Heels Of Plump EIA Storage Figures

Physical natural gas traders weren't taking any chances Thursday and got their deals done ahead of the release of the Energy Information Administration's weekly storage report. Most points outside the Northeast lost a few pennies up to a nickel, but Northeast points were down about a dime on average, and the NGI National Spot Gas Average fell 4 cents to $2.90. Read More

Futures Bend But Don't Break Following Bearish NatGas Storage Stats

Natural gas futures fell Thursday morning after the Energy Information Administration reported a storage injection that was greater than what the industry was expecting. Read More

Natural Gas Cash, Futures Traders Navigating Lackluster Conditions As May Posts 2-Week Lows

Physical natural gas prices for Wednesday delivery as well as futures moved little in Tuesday's trading. Strength in New England and Appalachia proved barely adequate to give spot prices a positive luster and offset broad but minimal changes in Midwest market zones, as well as the Midcontinent, Rockies and California. Read More

NatGas Cash Zigs, Futures Zag, But May Drops 6 Cents

Physical natural gas prices and futures prices parted ways in Monday trading as gas for next-day delivery surged and futures slumped. Read More

Weekly NatGas Slips Below $3, Futures Endure Small Loss

he $3 threshold proved just a little bit much for weekly natural gas prices and the NGI Weekly Spot Gas Average retreated from last week's $3.03, dropping 14 cents to $2.89 over the shortened 4-day trading week. Read More

NatGas Cash Slips Ahead Of Long Weekend, But Futures Bulls Seize The Moment; May Adds 4 Cents

Physical natural gas for Friday through Monday delivery softened in Thursday trading as energy demand was forecast to be steady to lower over the extended weekend and peak power prices fell. Read More

Futures In Positive Territory Following 'Neutral' NatGas Storage Report

Natural gas futures moved nominally higher Thursday morning after the Energy Information Administration reported a storage injection that was about what traders were expecting. Read More

NatGas Cash Lumbers Lower, But May Futures Add 4 Cents

Physical natural gas for delivery Thursday inched lower in Wednesday trading as very modest gains in the Northeast and Rockies were unable to counter broad declines of a few pennies at most major market centers. Read More