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Daily, Weekly and Bidweek Prices are in U.S.$/MMBtu except for locations in the Canada section which are in Cdn$/GJ. For more information, please see NGI's Price Methodology.

NGI's Natural Gas Forward Basis Prices are expressed in U.S.$/MMBtu and based on indicative data obtained from traders, exchanges and deals provided by energy companies. "Fixed Price" represent the forward prices of natural gas delivered for each reference period at the various locations/hubs. "Basis Price" represent the differential, for each reference period, between the Henry Hub and various locations/hubs. The Summer and Winter prices are simple averages of Apr-Oct (7 months) and Nov-Mar (5 months) respectively. "Bal Smr" and "Bal Wtr" prices represent simple averages of the remaining months in those seasonal strips (after at least one month has passed). For daily updates of these natural gas forward basis data in monthly bullets going out 5 years, contact sales at


Record-Breaking Eastern Weekly Natural Gas Prices Lead Market Lower

Outside of the East Coast there weren't many fireworks across the market landscape, and generally the three-day trading week saw prices move less than a dime. In the East, however, it could have been a replay of the attack on Ft. McHenry in Baltimore which in 1814 gave rise to the "Star-Spangled Banner." Read More

East, Mid-Atlantic NatGas Points Post Record Low Daily Quotes; Futures Gain

Thursday was a great day to be a buyer if you needed natural gas for the extended holiday weekend, but buyers on average were few and far between, and spot physical prices fell, with numerous record lows recorded in the East. Read More

Futures Delay Reaction to Storage Stats

Natural gas futures worked higher following the release of government inventory figures showing an increase in working gas storage that was incrementally less than what the market was expecting. Read More

Weak East Too Much For Broader NatGas Gains Elsewhere; Futures Drop a Nickel

Natural gas for Thursday delivery mostly traded Wednesday within a few pennies of unchanged at points outside the East and Northeast. Eastern points were down a dime or more on average, and that was enough to throw the day's trading slightly into the loss column. Read More

California Posts July Natural Gas Bidweek Gains Surrounded By Sea of Red

Ample natural gas inventories, strong production and an unimpressive temperature outlook teamed to put downward price pressure on most bidweek... Read More

Cash NatGas, Futures Part Company; Cash Down, Futures Up

Physical gas for Wednesday delivery was mostly lower Tuesday as benign eastern weather lent a soft touch to the market. A few Northeast points advanced as pipeline restrictions continued, but next-day power forecasts called for moderate increases in load, and next-day peak power rose slightly. Read More

California, Midwest Natgas Gains Overpower Weak Marcellus; August Makes Positive Debut

Next-day gas firmed in trading Monday as a combination of a strong screen, Midwest warmth, and pipeline outages brought a firm undertone to the market. Overall prices rose 9 cents to $2.59, as gains in the Northeast, East, and Midwest far overshadowed weakness in the Marcellus. Loads in California were forecast to increase more than 20%, but prices made only modest gains. Read More

Weekly Natgas Bears Stirring; Futures And Physical Prices Weaken

Ahead of the holiday-shortened July 4 trading week, traders found physical natural gas prices slip-slidin' away as cash prices could get little help from the screen and weather forecasts proved stubbornly uncooperative. Read More

Mild Weather Updates, Expected Production Gains Deflate NatGas Physical, Futures

Traders viewing the market landscape for weekend and Monday natural gas decided committing to three-day deals could wait and elected to hold off purchases. Read More

Sluggish Physical Market Outdone by Surging Screen; July Adds 9 Cents

Physical gas for Friday delivery changed little in Thursday's trading as most traders and marketers elected to get their deals done prior to the release of storage data by the Energy Information Administration. Read More