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Daily, Weekly and Bidweek Prices are in U.S.$/MMBtu except for locations in the Canada section which are in Cdn$/GJ. For more information, please see NGI's Price Methodology.

NGI's Natural Gas Forward Basis Prices are expressed in U.S.$/MMBtu and based on indicative data obtained from traders, exchanges and deals provided by energy companies. "Fixed Price" represent the forward prices of natural gas delivered for each reference period at the various locations/hubs. "Basis Price" represent the differential, for each reference period, between the Henry Hub and various locations/hubs. The Summer and Winter prices are simple averages of Apr-Oct (7 months) and Nov-Mar (5 months) respectively. "Bal Smr" and "Bal Wtr" prices represent simple averages of the remaining months in those seasonal strips (after at least one month has passed). For daily updates of these natural gas forward basis data in monthly bullets going out 5 years, contact sales at


NatGas Markets Avoid Wall Street Turbulence In Weekly Trading

Natural gas trading for the week ending Aug. 28 was a sea of tranquility compared to the wild gyrations emanating from Wall Street and other commodity markets. In Monday's trading alone the Dow Jones Industrial Average opened with a 1,000 point plunge and ended the day with a loss of 588 points, the worst since August 2011. Natural gas traders were more subdued. Read More

Cash NatGas, Futures Part Company; October Adds A Nickel

Weekend and Monday physical natural gas showed some isolated pockets of strength Friday, but for the most part traders were reluctant to spring for three-day deals and prices retreated. Read More

Physical NatGas, Futures Match Losses; September Out Like A Lamb

Physical traders Thursday must have had a sense of clairvoyance as gas price declines for Friday delivery matched the falling futures strip. Read More

Futures Bounce Back Following Plump EIA Storage Stats

Natural gas futures fell but recovered following the release of government inventory figures showing an increase in working gas storage well above what the market had been expecting. Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Creep Higher; September Up Less Than A Penny

Physical natural gas for Thursday delivery moved little in Wednesday's trading as both weather forecasts and next-day power prices offered little incentive for... Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Climb; September Adds 3.5 Cents

Physical natural gas gained ground in trading Tuesday for Wednesday delivery. Gains were widespread in the Midcontinent, Midwest and Gulf, with isolated setbacks in the East and West Coast. Read More

NatGas Traders 'Takin' Care Of Business;' Futures Give Up A Few Pennies

Natural gas traders tended to business at hand Monday and ignored the maelstrom engulfing global financial markets. With the exception of a few Northeast locations most points traded a few pennies lower, and NGI's National Spot Gas Average was flat at $2.48. Read More

Weekly Natgas Weakens, But Equity Markets Spiral Lower

There were a lot of long faces in both the energy and financial markets for the week ended Aug. 21. Natural gas physical and futures both sustained a double-digit drubbing and the NGI Weekly Spot Gas Average fell 14 cents to $2.54. That, however, paled in comparison to the 531-point swan dive the Dow Jones Industrial Average took on Friday. Read More

Traders Hunker Down as Physical NatGas, Futures Endure Equity Plunge; September Off 8 Cents

Traders Friday saw no reason to commit to extended three-day deals when weather forecasts for major metropolitan areas looked to be near-normal if not below normal temperature patterns. Read More

Danny Now A Hurricane; NatGas Cash Down, Futures Up

Natural gas traders generally took cover Thursday until the Energy Information Administration released storage figures for the week ending Aug. 14 and they could assess the impact of a modest degree of cooling. Read More