Transco Zone 6 NY Northeast Natural Gas Prices

Published: Apr 1, 2014
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Transco Zone 6 NY Description

Our Transco Zone 6 NY index captures deals delivered to the various utilities that are downstream of Linden, NJ. Those include PSE&G, National Grid (formerly KeySpan), and ConEd.

Natural Gas Futures In Orbit Following Bullish EIA Storage Report

Natural gas futures bounded higher Thursday after the release of government storage figures showing a build that was far less than what traders were expecting... Read More

Cash, Futures Ease; But Market On Edge with Slow Storage Builds

Physical gas for delivery Thursday fell across a wide front in Wednesday's trading as a modest warming trend was expected in Midwest energy markets. Only a handful of locations escaped the price cleaver, and the most severe declines were seen in the Northeast, with some points dropping by more than $1.00. Read More

Northeast Leads Broad Advance; Futures Inch Higher

Gas for next-day delivery advanced at nearly every market point in Tuesday's trading. Only a handful of points fell into the loss column, and the gains were broad and pervasive. Read More

Cash Mostly Firm as Futures Decline; CME Faces Allegations of Fraudulent Activity

Physical gas for Tuesday delivery traded higher Monday as a broad cold front was forecast to work its way east and by mid-week send temperatures 10 or more degrees below normal. Read More

Expected Mild East Coast Weather Leads Weekend Market Lower; Futures Seen Rangebound

Natural gas for physical delivery over the weekend and Monday worked lower in trading Friday as weather-driven declines in the East and Northeast were able to offset broader market strength in the Midcontinent, Rockies and Great Lakes. Read More

Weekly Quotes Gain; Futures Bulls Savoring Storage Data

Traders and marketers can breathe something of a sigh of relief that the mind-bending volatility of the winter is past, but market bulls were treated to the first storage report of the newly-minted injection season. Read More

Physical Gas Eases, But 'Bulls Gaining Control of the Market'

Physical gas for Friday delivery all along the Eastern Seaboard fell by double digits in Thursday's trading, but the resounding declines were offset... Read More

Cash Market on Balance Steady, but Futures Continue Higher

Physical natural gas for Thursday delivery overall moved little in Wednesday's trading. Market strength in the Gulf, Rockies and California was easily able to balance out the double-digit losses at New England points, while Mid-Atlantic locations softened and Appalachia was mixed. Read More

Physical Gas Adds A Few Pennies; Futures Bulls Beat the Drums

Gas for delivery Wednesday overall added a few pennies as futures continued a second straight day of advances and longer-term weather forecasts called for some uncharacteristic coolness. Read More

California Heat Leads Market Higher; Futures Gain

Physical gas for Tuesday delivery posted a modest advance of a few pennies, but the day's greatest individual gains were seen in California as well as in producing regions that feed the southern California market. Gains overall were widespread, in part mirroring the strong futures, and only a small minority fell into the loss column. At the close of futures trading May had risen 3.7 cents to $4.476 and June had gained 3.5 cents to $4.502. May crude oil fell 70 cents to $100.44/bbl. Read More

Firm Gulf Prices Buck Overall Weakness; Futures Slide

Going into the weekend and Monday, buyers on Friday were still reluctant to aggressively seek incremental volumes in spite of weather forecasts calling for below-normal temperatures at some points. Read More

Cash, Futures Firm, But Traders Mull Uncertain Refill Season

Physical gas for Friday delivery traded higher Thursday as a strong futures open hinted at further gains in both the cash and futures arena. Advances were seen at nearly all market points... Read More

Physical Gas Prices Mixed on Quiet Day; Futures Rally

Overall next-day physical prices added about a penny on average Wednesday for Thursday trading as temperature outlooks gravitated toward “normal.” For the most part, prices fluctuated within a dime in either direction, with most points adding or losing a few pennies. Gulf Coast, Rockies, Midcontinent and Northeast points inched higher, while Midwest and California spots dipped into the red. Read More

Futures, Cash Waltz Lower, But Restocking Could Be A Problem

Physical natural gas prices continued Monday's decline in Tuesday's trading as forecasts of warming trends provided little to no incentive to make purchases on the next-day market. A few points in Appalachia and the Marcellus, along with some isolated Rockies locations were able to escape the price cleaver, but otherwise the selling was broad and pervasive. Read More

Expected Warmth Drops April Bidweek Values; Prompts More Float Than Fixed

Perhaps it was the overall trend of falling bidweek prices or maybe the expected arrival of warmer temperatures following a brutally cold and extended winter... Read More

Plains, East Strength Counter California, Rockies Softness; Futures Tumble

Spot gas prices for Tuesday delivery moved higher in Monday's trading as weather-induced strength in the Plains, along with strong performances at eastern, Northeast and Marcellus points, was able to offset broad weakness elsewhere. At the close of futures trading, May was down by 11.4 cents to $4.371 and June had fallen 11.5 cents to $4.404. May crude oil retreated 9 cents to $101.58/bbl. Read More

Spring Who? NatGas Futures, Physical Record Weekly Gains on Lingering Cold

Even though spring has officially begun, chilly temps for much of the country led physical natural gas prices to move higher for the five trading days ending March 28. NGI's National spot gas average increased by 16 cents to average $4.76, with individual point bumps ranging from a couple of pennies at Gulf Coast locations to more than a dollar at a few Northeast sites. Read More

Futures Retreat as All Eyes Turn to Storage Refill Scenarios; Cash Mixed

Natural gas futures traders on Friday were taking a second look at Thursday's bullish exuberance, and it appears the conclusion they reached was that the move was overdone. Read More

Northeast Hit Hard, But Basis Swells; April Futures Out Like A Lion

Physical gas prices fell again in Thursday trading for Friday delivery, but most of the hard selling occurred in the Northeast where some points suffered multi-dollar drubbings. Read More

Spring in the Air? Cash Prices Drop, But Futures Steady

Spot gas prices for Thursday delivery continued the volatility shown in Tuesday's trading and took a big hit primarily in Midwest, Northeast and East market areas as temperatures were forecast to rise sharply before receding. Overall, next-day prices on Wednesday were down, and only a handful of points escaped the pervasive red ink. At the close of futures trading, April shed 0.9 cent to $4.402 and May was off 1.9 cents to $4.395. May crude oil jumped $1.07 to $100.26/bbl. Read More

Northeast Leads Physical Gas Advance, But Futures Bears Burned

Physical gas for Wednesday delivery strengthened in Tuesday's trading as broad gains at most locations combined with outsized advances at eastern and New England points were able to offset losses in the Midcontinent. Read More

Early Spring Blizzard Leads Northeast Higher; Futures Slip Again

Apparently Ol' Man Winter hasn't checked the calendar recently, and while the 2013-2014 winter is technically history, you wouldn't know it from some of the weather forecasts. Spot gas for delivery Tuesday posted a broad advance nationally with few points finding themselves in the loss column. Gains ranged from a few pennies in the Gulf and Rockies to double-digit advances at Great Lakes points to multiple dollar weather-driven gains in New England and the East. Read More

Traders See Futures Buying Opportunity Despite Weekly Losses

Weekly gas prices ending March 21 had the look and feel of air escaping from a flat tire as the first signs of spring became evident following what for many regions was a brutally cold winter. Nearly all physical cash points were down by double digits with the exception of a few Rockies and California locations which managed gains of just a few pennies. Every region followed by NGI posted a loss and the NGI National Spot Gas Average fell 43 cents from the previous week to $4.60. The individual market point with the greatest gain was El Paso S Mainline with a rise of all of 9 cents to average $4.65, and the greatest decline was seen at lightly traded Dracut with a loss of $8.86 to $7.75. Read More

Midwest, Northeast Strength Punctuate Broad Advance; Futures Down Again

Natural gas buyers not wanting to be caught short over the weekend bid prices at most points higher in Friday trading. Outsized advances in the Midwest... Read More

Spring has Sprung? NatGas Physical Quotes, Futures Ease

Spot natural gas prices for Friday delivery on average fell about a quarter in Thursday's trading as winter-weary market participants welcomed the first day of spring with quotes mostly lower across the board... Read More

Physical, Futures Part Company; Physical Eases, April Gains

Physical gas prices for Thursday delivery fell in Wednesday's trading as winter-weary traders and marketers filled out basketball brackets and welcomed the relative quiet of shoulder season trading. On balance, physical prices fell about a quarter Wednesday with Northeast quotes tugging the market lower and Marcellus points giving a push upward. Read More

NatGas Physical, Futures Prices Weaken With Spring Around the Corner

With Thursday marking the first official day of spring, physical natural gas for Wednesday delivery weakened in Tuesday's trading with quotes down about a quarter on average and nearly all points recording losses. The largest declines were seen in the Marcellus and Northeast, but notable exceptions to the slate of lower reads were a couple points in the Midwest east of a major storm system that pummeled the Rocky Mountains Tuesday and was expected to grind its way into the Great Lakes and Midwest by Wednesday. At the close of futures trading April had retreated 8.0 cents to $4.456 and May was down 6.8 cents to $4.424. April crude oil added $1.62 to $99.70. Read More

Tumbling East, Northeast Outgun Broader Gains; Futures Up

Overall physical gas prices fell about a nickel in Monday's trading for Tuesday delivery, but the market was punctuated by wide swings. In western producing regions and California stout double digit gains were seen, but in market areas such as Chicago and the East moderating temperature trends prompted multi-dollar losses at some points. At the close of futures trading April had risen 11.1 cents to $4.536 and May was higher by 8.9 cents to $4.492. April crude oil tumbled 81 cents to $98.08/bbl. Read More

Weekly Prices Post Record Decline; Nearly All Points Take Hard Fall

Weekly national spot gas prices suffered the worst drubbing since NGI began keeping score in Sept. 1999 as traders began to eye the finish line of what will go down in the history books as one of the most frigid winters in memory. The NGI National Weekly Spot Gas Average plunged a gut wrenching $3.15 to average $5.03 for the week ended March 14. The previous record was the decline of $1.90 to $7.53 seen Feb. 14, 2014. Read More

Eastern Quotes Rise On Late Weekend Cold; Futures Gain

Physical gas for weekend and Monday delivery on balance posted solid gains in Friday's trading. East and Northeast locations were expected to see another round of plunging temperatures towards the end of the weekend and into Monday, and New England points led the day's advance with double-digit dollar gains. Read More

Traders Mull Milder Weather, Storage Refill; Cash and Futures Drop

Physical gas for Friday delivery plunged at all market points in Thursday's trading with losses ranging from about a quarter to multiple dollars. Read More

Herculean New England Gains Outpace Broader Market; Futures Drop

Physical natural gas prices for Thursday delivery on balance gained over 50 cents, but double-dollar gains in New England and along the Atlantic Seaboard were more than able to offset weaker quotes in the Midwest, Midcontinent, California and the Rockies. The gains on Wednesday were weather-driven as a fast moving winter storm was moving to the East Coast through Friday. At the close of futures trading, April had dropped 11.5 cents to $4.490, and May was off 10.3 cents to $4.441. April crude oil slumped $2.04 to $97.99/bbl. Read More

As Cold and Snow March East, Broad Advance Ensues; Futures Ease

Spot gas for delivery Wednesday gained ground in Tuesday trading ahead of a pervasive late-winter storm expected to impact the Rockies and Midwest before moving on to New England and the East. Read More

Firm California, Strong Marcellus Dwarfed By Broad Weakness; Futures Gain

Physical gas for Tuesday delivery fell sharply at many points in Monday's trading. Particularly hard hit were locations in the Northeast, as moderating weather was seen sending Tuesday temperatures to above normal readings. Locations in and around New York and Philadelphia were softer as well, but Marcelllus points advanced. California points were steady to higher. At the close of futures trading April had advanced 3.3 cents to $4.651 and May was up 0.9 cent to $4.576. April crude oil slumped $1.46 to $101.12/bbl. Read More

Hefty Gains And Double Digit Losses Punctuate Weekly Trading

It was another wild and wacky week of spot gas trading across the country. There were wide variations in both price changes and absolute price levels and the Midwest and Midcontinent were the Kings Of The Hill. Read More

Midwest Cold, Pipeline Outages Lead Some Prices Higher; Futures Ease

Natural gas for weekend and Monday delivery was highly varied in Friday's trading. A major interstate pipeline declared a force majeure, and although earlier polar vortices do not seem to be in play, many traders were not desirous of being short gas going into the weekend with cold weather clearly an added risk. Read More

Midwest, Gulf Lead National Trek Lower; Futures Follow Suit

Spot natural gas prices for Thursday delivery continued their downward migration in Wednesday's trading as gas purchased during bidweek continued to become available for balance of the month. Only a handful of locations made it to the positive side of the trading ledger, and the average decline nationally was seen at close to $2. Read More

East, Midwest, California Lead Market Lower Despite Cold; Futures Gain

Physical gas for Wednesday delivery plunged in Tuesday's trading despite continued brutal cold across the Midwest as far east as the Mid-Atlantic. Read More

Midwest, East Lead Quotes Higher; Futures Struggle

Physical natural gas for Tuesday delivery moved abruptly higher in Monday's trading. A storm ripping across the Mid-Atlantic sent prices in some areas to double-digit dollar gains, but quotes all along the Eastern Seaboard were mostly solidly in the black. Read More

Buyers Staring Cold In The Face, Going Lean for March Bidweek

March Bidweek prices were all over the map, with multi-dollar gains posted in the Midwest and multi-dollar losses seen in the Northeast... Read More

Weekly Traders Hit Hard With Futures, Physical Price Volatility

It was a week of gut-wrenching price changes for both futures and physical natural gas traders. The March futures contract expired Wednesday at a "reasonable" $4.855, but just two days prior, it had traded as high as $6.493 before falling into a tailspin and losing 69.0 cents on the day and finishing at $5.445 Monday. Tuesday's and Wednesday's trading added cumulative losses of another 59.0 cents -- a 21% drop over three days -- and any March futures bulls left standing limped off into the cold and snow to shore up margin accounts. Read More

Midwest Prices Skyrocket as Buyers Stock Up for Weekend

Spot prices for gas for delivery for the weekend and Monday vaulted higher Friday, led by gains in the Midwest and Great Lakes. Buyers were scrambling for supplies as weather-driven prices on pipelines serving the frozen tundra of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan posted double-digit dollar gains. Read More

Futures Volatility Subsides In Mixed Trading; California, Rockies Post Gains

Physical natural gas prices for Friday delivery were broadly mixed in Thursday trading, with gains posted in New England, California and the Rockies... Read More

March Futures Expire 21% Below Friday's Close; Will April Contract Bring Stability?

Despite little change in fundamentals, March natural gas futures recorded a third consecutive decline Wednesday to expire at $4.855, down 24.1 cents from Tuesday's finish, and $1.28, or 21% below Friday's close of $6.135. April natural gas, which takes up the prompt contract mantle, ended Wednesday at $4.541, down 15 cents from Tuesday's close. Read More

Traders Exiting March Positions Despite Frigid Weather Remaining In Play

The expiring March futures are expected to open 26 cents lower Wednesday morning at $4.840 as traders continue to unwind positions and anticipate less volatile trading in the April contract. Overnight oil markets inched higher. Read More

Welcome Back, Volatility; March Futures Down 17% for the Week

Harnessing Monday's bearish momentum that sent the March natural gas futures contract plummeting 69 cents to close at $5.445, traders were at it again on Tuesday... Read More

Spot Futures Record Largest Single-Day Drop in Five-and-a-Half Years

Physical natural gas values for Tuesday delivery saw mixed results Monday as declines dominated the Gulf Coast, Midcontinent, Rockies and the West, while the Midwest, East and Northeast saw their fair share of gains and losses. The real action on the day was occurring in the futures arena, where whiplash-inducing volatility continued its recent run. The March contract plunged 69 cents to $5.445 and the April contract shed 39.2 cents to $4.620. April crude oil added 62 cents to $102.82/bbl. Read More

Cash Sees Volatile Weekly Performance; Futures Spike 18%

Wide variations in natural gas pricing marked the week ended Feb. 21 as multi-dollar gains in the Midwest and Midcontinent along with a five-year high reached by the March futures offset large dollar losses in the East and smaller declines nearly everywhere else. Read More

Midwest Paces Broad Gains Again; Futures Spike 18% Week-to-Week

Physical natural gas for weekend and Monday delivery continued to forge higher in Friday's trading. Points with connectivity to the Dawn Hub in western Ontario showed double-digit dollar gains and gains of 50 cents to $1 or more were common elsewhere. A couple of Marcellus points in the Northeast showed declines. Read More

Tightening Great Lakes Market Leads Quotes Higher; Futures Post Mild Retreat

Physical natural gas prices for Friday delivery posted another set of strong gains in Thursday's trading with market points... Read More

Futures Jump to Five-Year High; Midwest Leads Physical Gains

Spot natural gas for Thursday delivery bounded higher in Wednesday's trading as physical market traders elected to follow the path of the highly exuberant futures market. Less than a handful of cash points touched the loss column, and dollar-plus gains were seen at pipes feeding into the Chicago area. New England locations were mostly higher, and most prices in the Mid-Atlantic were up by double digits. Read More

More Cold On The Way; March Seen 37 Cents Higher

March natural gas is set to open 37 cents higher Wednesday morning at $5.920 as weather models favor stronger Alaska ridging and more cold air pouring into the central U.S. Overnight oil markets rose. Read More

Midwest, Gulf Strength Unable to Offset Weak East, Northeast; Futures Rocket Higher

Spot gas for Wednesday delivery fell in Tuesday's trading as multi-dollar losses at eastern and Northeast points trumped market strength in the Midwest and Gulf. The Midcontinent was mixed and California prices weakened. Read More

Weekly Prices See Wide Variations Following Winter Storm Pax

A paralyzing concoction of snow, ice, sleet, and abnormally low temperatures for much of the East prompted a wide range of changes to the natural gas pricing matrix. A series of storms began the week in North Louisiana and by Friday residents of Philadelphia were shoveling more than a foot of snow. NGI's weekly spot gas average nationally fell $1.90 to $7.53 for the week ended Feb. 14, but the regional swings were wide, almost as wide as the variations posted by individual points. Read More

Northeast Buying Leads Broad Advance; Futures Seen Lower

Weekend and Monday gas gained ground in Friday's trading with New England leading the march higher by posting multi-dollar gains. Read More

East Points Weaken as Storm Grinds Northward; Futures Surge

Spot natural gas for Friday delivery continued its downward trek in Thursday's trading as the snow and ice storms that pummeled the South... Read More

What Storm? Northeast, East NatGas Cash Prices Lead Broad, Deep Decline

Physical gas prices for Thursday delivery tumbled once again in Wednesday's trading as temperatures in some metropolitan locations were expected to approach seasonal norms while traders said the expected heavy snowfall from Winter Storm Pax actually was dampening demand. All locations reported multi-dollar losses and when averaged over the entire country, next-day gas prices tumbled more than $2.00. Read More

Physical Gas Prices Ease Ahead of Winter Storm Pax; Futures Rise

In a calm before the storm moment, natural gas values for delivery Wednesday plunged in Tuesday's trading but still retained lofty levels. A forecast winter storm over much of the East was expected to be brutal, and next-day power prices firmed ahead of the event. Read More

Near-Term Cold Pushes Spot Prices Higher; Longer Term Weather Cuts Futures

Spot natural gas for Tuesday delivery bounded higher in Monday's trading, with only one western point not in the plus column and most locations posting multi-dollar gains. Lowest increases were just under $1.00, but at the extreme end, prices gained close to $15.00. Eastern points led the charge higher, but New England and the Great Lakes were not far behind. Read More

Weekly NatGas Prices Travel Every Which Way But Loose

It was a wild and wooly week of gas trading where multiple dollar gains and losses were commonplace throughout the country as frigid temperatures in some regions were offset by more temperate conditions in others. Pipelines strained under the high demand. No matter the weekly gain or loss, prices were regionally and nationally high across the country for the week ending Feb. 7, with the NGI National Weekly Spot Gas Average vaulting $1.67 to a stout $9.43. Read More

Midwest, Great Lakes Gains Can't Offset Broader Weakness; Futures Retreat

Spot natural gas prices for weekend and Monday delivery overall took a hard fall in Friday's trading, but weather and transportation-challenged Midwest points were able to post multi-dollar gains as temperatures were forecast to plunge by Monday. The gains were more than offset by losses at Northeast, East and California locations. Read More

Midwest, California, Midcontinent NatGas Cash Prices Down Hard; Futures Mixed

Physical natural gas prices for Friday delivery fell hard and fell often in Thursday's trading as weather forecasters called for warming trends... Read More

Midwest, West Coast Cash Points Spike; Futures Take a Tumble

Physical gas prices for Thursday delivery nationwide continued to bound higher in Wednesday's trading as intense cold, ice and snow dominated headlines, pipelines restricted deliveries and concerns surrounding end-of-season storage levels intensified (see related story). Read More

East, Northeast Lead Gains Ahead of Massive Storm; $6 Futures In Play?

Physical gas prices for Wednesday delivery vaulted higher in Tuesday's trading as forecasts called for brutal cold, snow and wind to return for a broad section of the country stretching from the Rocky Mountains to New England. The March natural gas futures contract followed suit, soaring back above $5 and closing at $5.375, up 47 cents from Monday’s finish. Read More

Next-Day, February Bidweek Values Higher on Cold, Reduced Storage; Futures Inch Lower

Continuing on the path established late last week, the March natural gas futures contract probed lower Monday, recording a low of $4.751 before closing the day's regular session at $4.905, down 3.8 cents from Friday's finish. Read More

Polar Vortices Result in February Northeast Bidweek Records

Prodded by January's arctic blasts and promises of more cold to come, February bidweek prices soared, with the usual eastern suspects notching prices above $25 and $35 dollars, helping boost... Read More

Northeast Gas Price Drops Overshadow Nation's Gains; Futures Volatility Returns

For the four-day trading week to end the month of January, physical natural gas prices were higher nearly across the board, except for in the Northeast, where prices were in steady retreat following record prices on polar vortex cold the previous week. Read More

Futures Erase Wednesday Spike; Market Mixed Before Weekend

March natural gas futures on Friday continued to retreat from Wednesday's short-covering run-up, leading market watchers to believe that the 52.4-cent jaunt well above $5 was more about the February contract's termination than it was about current fundamentals. Read More

NatGas Futures Return to Earth; 230 Bcf Draw Inline With Expectations

Backing off Wednesday's round of over-exuberant short-covering that saw both February and March futures soar by 52.4 cents, the newly minted front-month contract was in full retreat... Read More

Late Futures Rally to Four-Year High Leaves Physical Prices in the Dust

The February natural gas futures contract went off of the board with a bang Wednesday as expiration, continued cold and expectations of a 230 Bcf storage withdrawal report pushed values significantly higher. Fueled by a frenetic short-covering rally, February futures shot to $5.725 before easing to expire at $5.557, a new four-year high (Jan 2010) and up a whopping 52.4 cents for the session. March gas also added 52.4 cents to $5.465 and March crude oil slid 5 cents to $97.36/bbl.

Read More

Modest Warming Trend Pounds Midwest, Northeast Prices; Futures Advance

Spot natural gas for Wednesday delivery traded sharply lower Tuesday and with the exception of a handful of West Coast points all actively traded market locations fell into the loss column, with some Northeast and Midwest locations dropping $20 to $60. Read More

Polar Vortex Plays Out as East, Northeast, Midwest Points Up; Futures Swan Dive

Spot natural gas prices advanced across the board in Monday's trading, with Northeast and East points earning double-digit gains as the polar vortex kept temperatures well below normal all along the Eastern Seaboard. Forecasts called for no slowdown until the weekend. Supplies into the Midwest were reduced by a fire at a compressor station bringing gas from Canada, and Midwest spot prices soared to record levels. Read More

Polar Vortex II Lifts All Points To Stout Weekly Gains; More Cold Expected

It was a week of all positives for NGI's weekly spot gas prices as every market point registered gains, from as little as a quarter to as much as $70 for the week ended Jan. 24. Nationally prices rose $3.58 to average $8.17, but there was a wide variance. The onslaught of Polar Vortex II made sure the Northeast experienced the greatest advances with several points making double-digit dollar gains and new record highs recorded with some points in and around New York City registering high trades from $125 to $140. Read More

Eastern Points Lead Advance; Futures Post 3 1/2 Year High

Spot natural gas for weekend and Monday delivery was markedly higher on average in Friday's trading, but there was a wide variation of prices in that mix. Read More

East, Midwest Lower in Turbulent Trading; Gulf Points Advance, Futures Rise

The physical natural gas market for Friday delivery was well scrambled in Thursday's trading... Read More

Prices Again Mostly Higher; Futures a Runaway Freight Train

Spot natural gas prices for Thursday delivery continued their rocket-like trajectory in Wednesday's trading, with gains again widespread, ranging from as little as 17 cents in the Pacific Northwest to double-digit dollar gains in New England. At the close of futures trading, February had jumped 25.8 cents to $4.689, and March was higher by 19.2 cents to $4.550. March crude oil gained $1.76 to $96.73/bbl. Read More

It's Back; Polar Vortex II Prompts New Gas Price Records

Spot gas prices for Wednesday delivery vaulted to record levels at some points as another incursion of a polar vortex was forecast to rake not only the East and Midwest... Read More

Weekly Results Vary Widely; Polar Vortex II On Its Way

As the polar vortex that raked the county earlier this month exited this week, it left a wide assortment of market pricing in its wake. Those parts of the country hardest hit by the storm showed the greatest losses as the system dissipated this week, but sections of the gas patch in Texas, Louisiana and California showed small gains. Looking ahead to the coming week, weather forecasters were sounding the alarm Friday that the eastern half of the country might be faced with a polar vortex sequel. Read More

Cash Quotes Mostly Lower; Futures Bulls Cautiously Optimistic

Natural gas for weekend and Monday delivery showed losses at most points Friday, but a few points in the East and Northeast skewed the market with multi-dollar gains as traders loaded up ahead of snowy and blustery conditions expected early in the week. Read More

Traders Grapple With Record Storage Draw; Futures Add 6 Cents

Prices for Friday physical gas delivery moved higher across the country except for at a handful of eastern points... Read More

Market Awaits Potential Record Storage Draw; Futures Drop 4 Cents

Physical prices for natural gas to be delivered Thursday inched higher at most points across the country on Wednesday as the market anticipated two pending events -- weather and storage -- that could have lasting impacts. Read More

East Led Nationwide Advance Tuesday; Futures Gain Again

A vast majority of physical natural gas price averages across the country posted gains Tuesday as many regions, including much of the East, were bracing for another round of below-normal temperatures while the West Coast sweltered under warmer-than-normal conditions with lower-than-normal hydro power supplies. Read More

East, Northeast Lead Weather-Driven Gains; Futures Romp Higher

With below normal temperatures expected to make a return Tuesday and Wednesday, physical gas for delivery Tuesday rose sharply in Monday's trading... Read More

More Cold On The Way; February Seen 16 Cents Higher

February natural gas is expected to open 16 cents higher Monday morning at $4.21 as traders digest new weather reports that are calling for a return to colder-than-normal conditions in the near and intermediate terms. Overnight oil markets sagged. Read More

Weekly National Average Ends About Where It Started Following Polar Vortex

The polar vortex that ripped through the Midwest and East causing hardship and much discomfort had an impact on the natural gas market similar to an entry-level earthquake. Lots of shaking and movement, but overall in the end everything was left standing about in the same place. For the week ended Jan. 10 the NGI Weekly Average Spot Gas Price eased all of a penny to $5.40. Variation about that average was high with the Northeast posting a trade range of $2 to $99 before averaging $9.43, up $1.09. The Midwest and Midcontinent posted losses of 55 cents and 42 cents, respectively, to average $5.21 and $4.76. Read More

Transco Zone 6 NY Sheds 93% of Value In Three Days; All Points Lower Thursday

Physical gas for delivery Friday fell hard and fell often in Thursday's trading. No points made it to the positive side of the ledger... Read More

Eastern Prices Plunge as Weather Outlook Moderates; Futures Drift Lower

Northeastern physical natural gas prices for gas to be delivered on Wednesday began their return to Earth's orbit from Monday’s all-time highs as the record cold... Read More

Record Cold Equals Record Prices: Near $100 Gas Traded On Transco

Prices for physical natural gas traded Monday for Tuesday delivery spiked...

Read More

Polar Vortex Sends Some Northeast Gas Prices $30-$60 Higher, Puts Pipes on Alert

Arctic temperatures sweeping much of the country in a Polar Vortex strained pipeline throughputs and pushed natural gas spot prices to record highs in the Northeast. Transco Zone 6 non-NY next-day prices shot higher by $59.76 to average $70.66/MMBtu, while Transco Zone 5 increased by $61.27 to average $72.43/MMBtu, according to NGI’s Daily Gas Price Index. Read More

Bone-Rattling Cold, Winter Storm Hercules Catapult Eastern Cash Prices Higher

Winter storm Hercules, which produced record cold in areas of the United States and dropped more than a foot of snow in the Northeast, dominated the attention of gas traders for the holiday-shortened Dec. 31-Jan. 3 trading week. While a number of regions surveyed saw small declines in average prices for the week, stout gains in the East pushed NGI's Weekly Spot Gas Average up 94 cents to $5.41/MMBtu with a wide range of individual trades from $1.50 at Tranco-Leidy Line to $39.00 at Transco Zone 6-NY. Read More

Arctic Chill has Buyers Hoping Monday Gas Shows Up

Physical natural gas trading for weekend and Monday delivery seemed to resemble two Sumo wrestlers vying for supremacy with clashing weather-driven market forces... Read More

New England Locations Over $30 As Nearly All Points Gain; Futures Rise

Spot natural gas prices for delivery Friday soared in Thursday's trading as cold and in some cases blizzard conditions were forecast for major energy markets in New England and along the East Coast as winter storm Hercules moved in. Read More

Record Cold, Blizzard Vault January Bidweek; Algonquin Reaches Record High

With a far-reaching blizzard and record-setting cold moving out of the Midwest and into the Northeast Thursday, it came as no surprise that January natural gas bidweek... Read More

Forecast of Cold, Snow Ring in the New Year with Higher Northeastern Cash Prices; Futures In A Tailspin

Northeastern physical gas values for Wednesday and Thursday delivery mostly ticked higher in Tuesday's trading as traders had to lock up volumes ahead of mind-numbing cold and snow expected to pound eastern energy markets. Mid-Atlantic points posted stout gains, but pipes serving the Boston area suffered declines. Futures traders took a big hit with February dropping 19.7 cents to $4.230 and March falling 18.9 cents to $4.193. February crude oil shed 87 cents to $98.42/bbl. Read More

Super-Sized New England Gains Fuel Advance; Futures Add 6 Cents

Physical natural gas for delivery Tuesday vaulted higher Monday, fueled in large part by a number of capacity constrained points in New England. At the close of futures trading February had advanced 5.9 cents to $4.427 and March was higher by 4.6 cents to $4.382. February crude oil fell $1.03 to $99.29/bbl. Read More

Weekly Gains Send Chicago Citygate To 2 1/2 Year High

At first glance weekly gas prices were kind to neither the bulls nor the bears. For the week ended Dec. 27 the NGI National Weekly Spot Gas Average fell by just a penny to $4.47, but major swings were recorded throughout the country. Chicago Citygate bulls enjoyed the highest NGI weekly price in 2 1/2 years at $4.81. Of the actively traded points the Northeast was home to market points showing the greatest gains as well as losses. In New England Iroquois Zone 1 recorded the largest advance rising 81 cents to $5.77, and at the other end of the spectrum deliveries to Algonquin Citygates tumbled $4.41 to $9.75. Read More

Cash Holds, But Futures Traders See $4.60 Gas

Deliveries of weekend and Monday gas were unchanged on average in Friday's trading, with eastern and Northeast weakness for the most part offset by gains in the Midwest... Read More

Broad Weakness Outdoes New England Strength; Futures Ease Higher

Physical gas for Friday delivery slipped a few cents Thursday as outsized gains at New England points could not offset broader losses in the Midwest, Gulf Coast and California. Read More

Cash Weakens; Futures Trader Sees Selling Opportunity

Physical natural gas for delivery Wednesday and Thursday overall fell sharply in Tuesday's trading as traders scaled back purchases ahead of the Christmas holiday, though much of the decline came at four capacity-constrained points in New England. Read More

Christmas for the Bulls? Colder Temps, Stout Draws Lend Gas Price Support

Coming off a much warmer than normal weekend in which a number of eastern population centers welcomed the official start of winter... Read More

Weekly Prices Off, But Futures Jump On Record 285 Bcf Storage Draw

Weekly physical gas prices for the five trading days ending Dec. 20 were awash in a sea of red ink. NGI's National Weekly Spot Gas Average came in at $4.48, down a stout 66 cents with all regions losing anywhere from a nickel to more than $2. Read More

Cash Mixed; Spot Futures Reach Price Levels Not Seen Since Summer of 2011

Physical natural gas for weekend and Monday delivery on average nationally was flat in Friday's trading, hiding the fact that there were major weather-driven declines along the Eastern Seaboard and healthy gains at points positioned to move gas to the Midwest. Read More

NatGas Futures Surge 20 Cents on Record-Setting 285 Bcf Storage Withdrawal

Physical natural gas trading Thursday for Friday delivery was muted for much of the country, with gains or losses of a few pennies... Read More

Northeastern Weakness Belies Firm Market; Futures Off

Prices of natural gas for delivery Thursday inched higher across much of the country except for in the East, where prices dropped from a dime to $1 at most spots, and up to $10 at some often constrained points serving the New England market. Read More

Warming Patterns Rattling Cash Market; Futures Inch Higher

Physical gas prices for Wednesday delivery fell across the country in Tuesday's trading as many regions were seeing the mercury creep higher. The stoutest declines were seen in the Northeast. Read More

New England Leads Broad Retreat; Futures Lose 7 Cents

Physical gas for delivery Tuesday took a page from futures and traded lower overall, with New England posting the greatest losses. Read More

Northeast Posts Largest Weekly Gains On Broad Winter Storm

The NGI Weekly Spot Gas average for the week ended Dec. 13 bounded higher by $1.03 to average $5.14 led in large part by the Northeast regional gain of $3.18 to average $7.02 as a broad Arctic chill brought the region's first real dose of winter. Read More

Widespread Cash Losses Outside of New England; Futures Down

Natural gas for weekend and Monday delivery fell in most regions of the country in Friday's trading. Stout gains were limited to a few points in the capacity-constrained New England region. Read More

Northeast Prices Spike as Rest of Country Eases; Futures up a Dime

Fueled by the coldest air yet this heating season and cajoled by supportive futures prices, cash prices in the Northeast continued their meteoric rise Wednesday, stair-stepping higher in dollar increments as traders scrambled for molecules amid heavy heating demand. Meanwhile, temperatures across the rest of the nation moderated, albeit slightly, from last week's frigid cold, and prices eased accordingly. Read More

East, Northeast Make Solid Gains As Cold Puts Bears In Hibernation

Physical natural gas for delivery Wednesday retreated around a dime on average with declines in the Midcontinent, Rockies and California more than offsetting gains at eastern points. Read More

East Coast Jumps $10, West Coast $3, But Futures Gain 12 Cents

Physical natural gas for delivery Tuesday soared 66 cents on average in trading Monday as the Arctic chill continued. Blizzard-like weather maintained a stranglehold on key eastern and Midwest energy markets. Read More

Arctic Rush Pushes Rockies, California to Largest Weekly Gains

For the week ended Dec. 6 the NGI Weekly Spot Gas Average nationally rose 18 cents to $4.11. The strongest gains were posted in the Rocky Mountains and California with the Rockies adding a stout 75 cents to $4.58 and California quotes gaining 42 cents to $4.38. Read More

Freeze-Offs, Cold Shuffle Rockies, California Prices; Futures Ease

Physical natural gas prices for weekend and Monday delivery on average vaulted another 62 cents in Friday's trading. Gains were made at all but a couple of Marcellus points and were deep into double digits. Read More

Cash Adds 18 Cents, Futures 17 Cents As Cold Grips Market

Physical natural gas prices for delivery Friday continued their rocket-like trajectory in Thursday's trading, adding a stout 18 cents on average... Read More

Arctic Blast Pushes Cash Points Higher; Futures Ease Ahead Of Storage Report

Physical natural gas for delivery Thursday gained 12 cents on average Wednesday as traders factored in massive cold front working its way from the Rocky Mountains to the Midwest and points south. At the close, January futures had eased 1.6 cents to $3.960 and February also had shed 1.6 cents to $3.958. January crude oil gained $1.16 to $97.20/bbl. Read More

Western, Midwest Gains Outdistance Weak East; Futures Ease A Penny

Natural gas scheduled for delivery Wednesday rose 2 cents on average in Tuesday's trading, but the nominal rise masked greater market strength. If volatile points in the Northeast showing multi-dollar declines are subtracted from the figures, the overall gain comes in at 8 cents. Read More

Rockies, Midwest Firm Ahead Of Cold; Futures Add 3 Cents

Natural gas for delivery Tuesday added 6 cents on average in Monday's trading, with Midwest points up a couple of pennies as a major influx of cold air was forecast to slide into the area by midweek. At the close January natural gas futures had gained 3.4 cents to $3.988 and February had risen 2.7 cents to $3.984. January crude oil gained $1.10 to $93.82/bbl. Read More

December Bidweek Traders Riding Full Storage Into the Cold

December bidweek prices showed hefty double-digit gains throughout the country, with NGI's National Average for the month jumping 24 cents from November to $3.77. Only a single individual point... Read More

Physical, Futures Chart Different Courses; January Adds 3 Cents

Physical natural gas for Sunday and Monday delivery tumbled nearly 20 cents in Wednesday's trading, yet if Boston, New York and Philadelphia are excluded from the analysis... Read More

Broad Declines Offset Northeast Strength; December Expires Firm

Spot gas for Wednesday delivery on average fell a penny in Tuesday's trading. However, if one is willing to assume that market dynamics in the transportation-challenged Iroquois-Algonquin corridor distort the broader national market, removing those prices shows a 6-cent decline overall. Read More

New England Drops Mask Overall Market Strength; December Adds 2 Cents

Physical natural gas for delivery Tuesday on average fell approximately 7 cents in Monday's trading. However, if Algonquin Citygate's nearly $8 loss and Tennessee's Zone 6 200 L $6-plus loss are factored out, the overall market change is a gain of about 6 cents. Read More

Technical Issue Pushes CME to Revise Certain Energy Settlement Prices

CME Group reported last week that due to a "technical issue" fractional changes have been made to the contract expiration prices of 10 Nymex energy products... Read More

Surging Algonquin Leads Weekly Quotes Higher

Bulls were clearly in the driver's seat for the week ending Nov. 22. The NGI National Spot Gas Average rose 11 cents to $3.69, and all actively traded points scored gains. Leading the pack higher was the trading at the Algonquin Citygates Friday for weekend and Monday delivery with a whopping $9.51 rise to $14.01. For the week, prices at the Algonquin Citygates rose a hefty $1.07 to $6.96. Other Northeast points weren't far behind. Tennessee Zone 6 200 L added 80 cents to $6.57 and Iroquois Zone 2 was up 49 cents to $4.67. Deliveries to Transco Zone 6 New York added 44 cents to $4.08. Read More

Northeast Cold Brings Price Spikes; Algonquin Citygate Averages $14.01/MMBtu

Spot natural gas for weekend and Monday delivery jumped on average 53 cents in Friday's trading, thanks to multi-dollar surges at points in the Northeast ahead of the region’s first real freeze. Read More

Cash, Futures Trudge Higher Ahead Of Cold

Natural gas for delivery Friday on average added 7 cents in Thursday's trading. A handful of points in the East and Northeast lost ground, but otherwise gains anywhere from a nickel to a dime were widespread. Read More

Physical Gas Inches Higher, But Futures Post Double-Digit Gains

Natural gas for delivery Thursday was unchanged on average in Wednesday's trading, but if the transportation-challenged points in New England were taken out of the equation, the overall cash market posted a gain of a nickel as most points nationally trended higher. Read More

Physical, Futures Rumble Lower; December Drops 6 Cents

Physical gas for delivery Wednesday took a cue from the screen and on average was 4 cents lower in Tuesday's trading. Read More

Exuberant Cash Market Outshines Lagging Futures

Physical natural gas for Tuesday delivery bounded higher nationally by an average of 21 cents Monday led by dollar-plus gains at some New England points. Even without those points the market soared by an average of 17 cents. Gains were deep and widespread. Read More

Week's Cash and Futures Trading Winds Down With Gains All Around

For the week ending Nov. 15 the NGI National Spot Gas Average posted a healthy 13 cent gain to average $3.58 with only one Rockies point and a handful of Northeast locations failing to make it to the positive side of the trading ledger. Of all the market points the Northeast was home to the week's biggest winner and also the biggest loser. Read More

Overall Strength Offset By Eastern Drops; Futures Add A Nickel

Physical gas for weekend and Monday delivery on average was unchanged in Friday's trading, and although most points showed gains of a nickel or more, forecasts of mild temperatures at New England and eastern points prompted double-digit declines and offset what otherwise was broad market strength. Read More

Physical Gas Falters, Yet Futures Keep Movin' On Up

Physical gas for Friday delivery fell hard and fell often as prices averaged a decline of 19 cents nationally in Thursday's trading. No actively traded point registered gains and most points tumbled anywhere from a dime to 20 cents. Read More

Milder Weather Prompts Cash Plunge, Futures Slide; December Off A Nickel

Natural gas for delivery Thursday fell 22 cents on average, but if the multi-dollar losses at New England points are factored out, the decline was a more modest 8 cents. Weather forecasts showing a warming trend pulled the plug on the bulls' aspirations and futures softened as well. Read More

Subdued Futures Can't Keep Pace With Surging Physical Gains

Physical natural gas for Wednesday delivery continued to advance in trading Tuesday, gaining approximately 12 cents on average nationally, with New England points the biggest winners, posting gains upwards of a dollar on some lightly traded pipes. Read More

Surging Cash Quotes on Cold Can't Get Futures Off Dead Center

Next-day overall physical gas prices on average jumped approximately 29 cents in Monday's trading. Back out the multi-dollar gains seen at some New England points hit by forecasts of cold weather and surging power demand and the figure settles in at a 15 cent advance. Read More

Weekly Prices Peg Northeast As Lowest Cost Producer

It was a rough week for the bulls as NGI's National Spot Gas Average fell a hefty 17 cents from the previous week to $3.45. All regions of the country were down by double digits and only a handful of individual points in the Northeast managed to make it to the positive side of the trading ledger. Read More

Weekend Deliveries Tumble, But Futures Make It Four in a Row Higher

Weekend and Monday deliveries of physical gas skidded 8 cents on average nationally in Friday trading with East and Northeast points the hardest hit and only a handful of points in positive territory. Read More

Physical Gas Vaults Higher; Futures, Not So Much

Physical natural gas for delivery Friday bounded higher by an average of 11 cents in Thursday's trading. Gains were deep and widespread with only a handful of points in the Rockies and elsewhere... Read More

Broad Cash Gains Outpace Modest Futures Move

Physical gas for Thursday delivery jumped on average 8 cents nationally in Wednesday's trading, with only a handful of individual points in the loss column surrounded by widespread gains. A large cold front was dropping temperatures well below normal as it moved out of the Plains and Midwest into the Great Lakes and into Texas. Read More

Weak Northeast Drags Market Lower; Futures Recover Off Session Lows

Physical natural gas traded Tuesday for Wednesday delivery fell 4 cents on average as higher prices in the Midwest, Northern Plains and Rockies, along with steady California prices were unable to offset $1-plus declines along the Eastern Seaboard. Futures prices staged a modest rebound as noon weather updates called for a healthy dose of cold temperatures by mid-month. At the close December was higher by 2.1 cents to $3.466 and January had gained 2.7 cents to $3.551. December crude oil dropped $1.25 to $93.37/bbl. Read More

East Coast, West Coast Strength Can't Offset Overall Weakness; Futures Sacked For A Loss

The price being paid Monday for Tuesday physical natural gas delivery on average lost 2 cents as major hubs were mixed, but firm pricing on the West Coast and Eastern Seaboard was not able to offset weakness at Gulf and interior locations. At the close of futures trading, December had fallen 6.8 cents to $3.445 and January skidded 6.7 cents tp $3.524. December crude oil added a penny to $94.62/bbl. Read More

End-Of-October Sees Across-The-Board Declines

For the three trading days ended Oct. 30 physical gas prices fell an average of 12 cents to $3.62, according to NGI's National Spot Gas Average. Read More

November Bidweek Gains Mask Major Regional Shifts

"The times they are a changin'." NGI’s National Spot Gas Average for November Bidweek prices showed a tempered gain of 9 cents to $3.53... Read More

Most Points See Sharp Declines; Futures Retreat

Physical gas for weekend and Monday delivery skidded a hefty 11 cents on average in Friday trading. Demand-driven gains at New England points and firm eastern quotes were unable to counter pervasive selling, which saw many locations endure double-digit losses. At the close of futures trading December had retreated 6.8 cents to $3.513 and January was down 7.2 cents to $3.591. December crude oil tumbled $1.77 to $94.61/bbl. Read More

Firm Marcellus Unable to Offset Weak East, Northeast; Futures Slide

Physical gas prices for Friday delivery tumbled an average 9 cents Thursday as traders were eager to get deals done... Read More

New England Leads Quotes Lower; Futures Ease Slightly

Natural gas for physical delivery Thursday eased 2 cents overall on average in Wednesday's trading, with New England points leading the charge lower with double-digit losses, while Marcellus points gained ground. For the most part, losers outnumbered winners, but most locations managed to trade within a few cents of unchanged. Read More

Weak Northeast, East Lead Market Lower; November Out Like A Lamb

Physical gas prices for Wednesday delivery fell 6 cents overall in Tuesday's trading, while traders were busy keeping one eye on a slip-sliding November futures contract as well as weather forecasts calling for unseasonable warmth in eastern energy markets and a weak next-day power market.

Read More

Big New England Gains Can't Offset Wider Weakness; Futures Flop

Natural gas prices for physical delivery Tuesday declined on average 4 cents overall in Monday's trading. Losses were widespread, but weather driven strength in New England was able to offset pervasive declines elsewhere. East, Rockies and California locations all fell anywhere from a few pennies to close to a dime. Read More

Surging Northeast Leads Mixed Weekly Action

On average weekly prices regionally were all over the map, but the national average came in at $3.74, unchanged from a week ago. South Texas saw the week's biggest losses, dropping a stout 12 cents to $3.61, and the Northeast reveled in the week's greatest gains, adding 26 cents to $3.66. Read More

East Weakness Offsets Broader Strength; Analysts See Case for Higher Winter Prices

Physical natural gas prices for weekend and Monday delivery added a penny on average Friday. Prices generally moved within a nickel of unchanged at most points, but Northeast and Eastern seaboard locations found themselves mostly in the loss column. Read More

Weak New England Leads Far-Reaching Decline; Futures Recover Early Losses

Physical natural gas for Friday delivery overall declined 4 cents as most traders elected to get their deals done prior to the release of... Read More

Cold Has Midwest Buyers Scrambling; Futures Inch Higher

Wednesday physical natural gas trading for Thursday delivery saw widespread weakness of a few pennies at most spots around the country offset by significant strength in California and New England, where colder temperatures were beginning to set in. Read More

Gulf Leads Broad Decline; Expected Storage Build Derails Futures

Physical natural gas prices for Wednesday delivery on average overall fell a nickel in Tuesday's trading. Most major market centers were well into the red... Read More

Midwest, East Lead Strong Advance; Futures Fall Hard

Physical natural gas for Tuesday delivery advanced overall on average 13 cents in Monday's trading. Midwest locations were especially strong as pipelines reported constraints and eastern points jumped with weather forecasts calling for below normal temperatures by midweek.

Read More

Midwest Buttresses Broader Losses; Futures Inch Higher

Natural gas for weekend and Monday delivery skidded 7 cents on average in Friday's trading. Nearly all points recorded losses, with some locations falling deep into double-digit declines. Read More

West Coast Cash Plunges; Futures Sans Storage Report A Non-Event

Natural gas prices for Friday physical delivery on average fell 9 cents in Thursday's trading. It was a tale of two coasts as West Coast points suffered hefty double-digit losses within a weak power environment and a nominal weather outlook. East Coast locations were mixed with prices a few pennies on either side of unchanged. Read More

Cash Heads North, Futures South; Traders Mull EIA-Less Thursday

Physical gas for Thursday delivery gained overall on average 3 cents in Wednesday's trading. Gains were widespread, with Gulf points solidly in the black, although Midcontinent constraints prompted lower prices at some Midcontinent pipelines. Major market hubs for the most part were within a few cents of unchanged. Read More

Midwest, California Strong; Futures Back Off Four-Month High

Natural gas prices on Tuesday added 6 cents on average for Wednesday deliveries as gains were widespread with only a handful of points slipping into the loss column. The Midwest and California were particularly firm, but most Northeast and East points posted solid gains as well. At the close of futures trading, November had eased 3.0 cents to $3.790 and December was down by 3.1 cents to $3.935. November crude oil fell $1.20 to $101.21/bbl. Read More

Weak East Sets Up Widespread Losses; Futures Continue Gains

Physical natural gas prices for weekend and Monday delivery eased in Friday's trading with points in the loss column having a slight edge over those in the win column. Read More

Broad Decline Settles In; Traders Await Storage Stats

Natural gas cash and futures bulls took a breather Wednesday. Read More

More Seasonal Temps Trump Karen Concerns; Futures Steady

Natural gas cash prices fell hard, but futures held steady in Friday's trading. Read More

October Bidweek Off A Nickel; Traders Looking Ahead to Winter

With the shoulder season in full swing where it is cool enough to turn off the air conditioning yet not cold enough to turn on the heat... Read More

Outside of Marcellus, Shoulder Season Brings Steep Cash Drops

Summer is over and the shoulder season, where air conditioners have been turned off and heaters have yet to be turned on, has arrived is the message that was sent by natural gas cash prices for the week ending Sept. 27, as a vast majority of individual pricing points across the country declined by 20-plus cents. NGI's National Spot Gas Average for the week came in at $3.47, down 20 cents from the previous week. Read More

Gas-Fired Power Generation Down 14% Compared to 2012

Total natural gas used for power generation in the United States was down 14% between January and July 2013 compared with the same seven month period in 2012, due primarily to higher gas prices relative to coal prices this year, according to a report issued last week by the Energy Information Administration (EIA). Read More

Gains Of A Nickel To A Dime Common In Weekly Cash Trading

For the week ending Sept. 20 physical gas prices nationally averaged a 7-cent gain to $3.67. A handful of eastern points fell into the loss column but for the most part gains of a nickel to a dime at individual points were common. The Northeast was the only region posting a loss, down 3 cents to $3.39 and East Texas was the biggest winner adding 10 cents to average $3.69. Read More

Statoil Economist: Plenty of Outlets for North America Gas

North America should find plenty of outlets for its copious natural gas reserves, but some questions need to be clarified soon, such as whether to allow manufacturers to dictate how much supply remains onshore, or whether the free market fuels an export revolution, according to Statoil ASA's chief economist. Read More

September Bidweek Sees Firm California, Basis Flip-Flops

NGI's National Spot Gas Average for September bidweek advanced a seemingly nominal 4 cents to $3.49 from the previous month... Read More

Cool Temps, Gas Surplus Send August Bidweek Down 21 Cents

This year's unseasonably cool summer in parts of the eastern United States and a natural gas supply glut brought on by the country's shale production boom are continuing to put downward pressure on natural gas prices, as evidenced by NGI's August Bidweek Survey. The national spot gas average for the month dropped 21 cents from July to average $3.45/MMBtu. Read More

Northeast Leads 'Free Fallin' July Bidweek

With screen prices at a three-month low it's no surprise that July bidweek came in a bit soft. NGI's National Spot Gas Average for July bidweek came in at $3.66, a 48-cent decline from June 2013, but 94 cents higher than the July 2012 bidweek average. Read More