Transco Zone 6 NY Northeast Natural Gas Prices

Published: Jul 1, 2014
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Daily, Weekly and Bidweek Prices are in U.S.$/MMBtu except for locations in the Canada section which are in Cdn$/GJ. For more information, please see NGI's Price Methodology.

Forward Prices are expressed in U.S.$/MMBtu and based on indicative data obtained from traders, exchanges and deals provided by energy companies. "Fixed Price" represent the forward prices of gas delivered for each reference period at the various locations/hubs. "Basis Price" represent the differential, for each reference period, between the Henry Hub and various locations/hubs. The Summer and Winter prices are simple averages of Apr-Oct (7 months) and Nov-Mar (5 months) respectively. "Bal Smr" and "Bal Wtr" prices represent simple averages of the remaining months in those seasonal strips (after at least one month has passed). For daily updates of these data in monthly bullets going out 5 years, contact sales at

Transco Zone 6 NY Description

Our Transco Zone 6 NY index captures deals delivered to the various utilities that are downstream of Linden, NJ. Those include PSE&G, National Grid (formerly KeySpan), and ConEd.

NatGas Market Endures Broad Setback; August Futures Unconvincingly Expire Higher

Physical natural gas for Wednesday delivery endured a broad and pervasive decline in Tuesday's trading. Only a couple of points showed advances, and most points were off by a nickel to a dime. Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Part Company; Cash Gains, Futures Slip-Sliding Away

Next-day deliveries of physical natural gas on balance posted modest advances in Monday's trading, with most points scoring gains of a few pennies. West Coast locations were higher on warm weather, but New England and the Mid-Atlantic also rose. Read More

Good News Bears and Bad News Bears Reign In Weekly Trading

The good news for gas buyers is that weekly prices worked another 18 cents lower to $3.72 according to the NGI Weekly Spot Gas National Average for the week ended July 25. The bad news is that for unhedged physical market longs the pace of weekly declines is accelerating. For the week ended July 18 the market fell 11 cents to a national average of $3.90.

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Cash, Futures Bears on the Prowl; Spot Futures Hit Eight-Month Low

Weekend and Monday deliveries retreated in Friday's trading as weekend temperature forecasts struggled to make it to seasonal norm. By Monday temperatures were expected to be more than 10 degrees below normal throughout the Midwest and Great Lakes. Read More

Cash Still Weak, But Futures End Five-Game Losing Streak

Physical gas for Friday delivery was a mixed market on Thursday with a few modestly higher quotes in the Gulf Coast mostly outweighed by broader declines in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Great Lakes and Midcontinent. Read More

Traders Mull Supply-Demand Balance Following Bullish Storage Data

Natural gas futures rose following the release of government storage figures that were on the low side of what the market was expecting. Read More

East, Northeast Down in Mixed Market; Futures Traders Targeting $3.18

Spot gas for Thursday delivery worked lower in Wednesday's trading, with stout double-digit losses up and down the East Coast. New England and the Mid-Atlantic were especially hard hit, but Marcellus points also fell. Read More

Cooler August, Warmer Autumn in NE Widen Negative Basis

Forward basis curves are continuing into August the trend begun in July of falling price expectations, with negative basis for Northeast points deepening as markets continue to price in cooler expectations of August weather and a warmer-than-average autumn. Read More

Physical Market Steady, But Futures Bears Chasing Bulls Downhill

Physical natural gas prices for Wednesday delivery were mostly unchanged in Tuesday's trading. A few New England points saw some double-digit increases, but market areas in the Midwest and Great Lakes saw prices flat to a few pennies lower despite weather forecasts calling for significant near-term cooling. Read More

Northeast, East Gains Outdo Broader Declines; Futures Dive

Spot gas for Tuesday delivery was mixed in Monday's trading with Northeast and East points posting hefty gains, driven by expected heat and higher power requirements, while at the same time producing regions fell into the loss column. Read More