Tenn Zone 5 200L Northeast Natural Gas Prices

Published: Oct 1, 2017
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Tenn Zone 5 200L Description

Includes transactions on the Line 200 portion of Tennessee Gas Pipeline’s Zone 5, starting with the Clymer (#224) Compressor Station in Southwest NY to the NY/MA border. Also includes all points along the Niagara spur, except for the Niagara interconnect with TransCanada PipeLine, since those deals are part of a separate Niagara index.

NatGas Cash Drops A Penny, Futures Rise 2 Cents In Slow Trading

It was a contest Tuesday to see whether natural gas cash or futures would take the crown of most lethargic. Declines in Appalachia, the Northeast, and California were met head on with firm pricing in Texas, Louisiana, and steady quotes in the Midwest and Midcontinent. The NGI National Spot Gas Average fell a penny to $2.66. Read More

California NatGas Cash Jumps Over $2, But Futures Glide Lower; November Loses A Nickel

Physical natural gas for Tuesday delivery soared as outage-driven strength in California along with robust gains in Appalachia and the Northeast were more than enough to counter broad weakness in Texas and Louisiana. The NGI National Spot Gas Average jumped 11 cents to $2.67 with plus-$2 advances at SoCal Citygate leading the charge higher. Read More

Weekly NatGas Cash Bounces Back, But Futures Post Greater Gains

In spite of a continued loss of seasonal heating load in key eastern markets, weekly natural gas prices managed nearly a dime gain overall. Breaking a string of two consecutive weekly setbacks, the NGI Weekly Spot Gas Average added 8 cents to $2.57. Gains were not great, typically a nickel to a dime, and all regions advanced. Read More

Weekend NatGas Cash Edges Up A Bit; November Adds A Penny

Natural gas for weekend and Monday delivery rose in Friday's trading, with gains across a broad front, including New England, the Midwest, Midcontinent, Rockies and California, just able to offset weakness in the Mid-Atlantic. The NGI National Spot Gas Average gained a penny to $2.56. Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Part Company As Bulls Embrace Plump EIA Storage Data

Natural gas for next-day delivery fell slightly in trading Thursday as an unplanned outage in the Midwest caused backups... Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Diverge As Traders Mull Minimal Heating Load

After a Friday drubbing of spot natural gas prices for weekend and Monday delivery, the market recovered in Tuesday trading as eastern prices got a boost from a firm next-day power price sector. Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Ignore Looming TS Nate; November Sheds 6 cents

Natural gas for delivery over the weekend and Monday fell hard in Friday's trading as what is viewed as a well-supplied market proved no match for weakness extending from the Rockies and California to Texas, Louisiana, the Midcontinent, Midwest and Appalachia. The NGI Daily Spot Gas Average retreated 8 cents to $2.50. Read More

Physical NatGas, Futures Part Company As Supportive Storage Data Loses Luster

Physical natural gas for Friday delivery managed to piggyback on to Wednesday's gains, and with the exception of the Northeast most points were a nickel to a dime higher. Gains in Louisiana, the Rockies, California, the Midwest, and Midcontinent were able to offset weakness in the Northeast and South Texas, and the NGI National Spot Gas Average added 4 cents to $2.58. Read More

NatGas Cash, Futures Rise Ahead Of Expected Lean Storage Figures; November Gains 4 Cents

Physical natural gas prices managed to recover smartly from drubbings in the previous four sessions as all points followed by NGI except for one managed to score gains of a nickel to a dime or more. Greatest strength was noted in West Texas and Appalachia, and the NGI National Spot Gas Average rose 13 cents to $2.54. Read More

Physical NatGas Ekes Out a Gain; November Slides 9 Cents

Physical natural gas for Tuesday delivery inched higher as futures ratcheted lower in Monday’s trading. Robust gains were noted in the Northeast, Rockies and California, which barely overcame weakness in Texas, Louisiana, the Midwest and Midcontinent. Read More