Physical Prices Hit Hard as Futures Fall a Fourth Time This Week

Gas for delivery over the weekend and Monday plummeted as a 1-2 combination of a weak screen and modest temperatures gave buyers little incentive to spring for a three-day package, especially when spot purchases can be made by instant electronic communications. The selling was broad and pervasive and no point made it to the positive side of the trading ledger. Read More

Coal Made Gains on Gas Last Winter, Data Show

Coming out of one of the most severe winters ever recorded, indicators are showing that coal is making somewhat of a comeback at the expense of natural gas in the electric generation sector, according to a report released Thursday by Bentek Energy, "Back in the Black: Coal Makes Comeback." Read More

Dodd-Frank Reform a Mixed Bag, Industry Exec Says

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act got some things right, and the industry has largely adapted to the new provisions, but there are still some parts of the new law that could use some tweaking, according to Matthew Picardi, vice president for regulatory affairs at Shell Energy North America. Read More