Bakken Shale

North Dakota Aims to Accelerate Flaring Cuts

Following an upswing in the percentage of associated gas being flared in the most recent monthly oil/natural statistics, albeit due to gas processing and electric grid breakdowns, North Dakota state officials are stepping up their efforts to speed up the reduction of flaring, which again hangs at 30%. The state wants new programs or rules in place early next year. Read More

North Dakota Regains Mojo with Record Production

After a small slump in past monthly statistics reports, North Dakota regained its record-setting production, setting new highs for natural gas/oil production, wells and permitting in its most recent monthly totals for July. Gas production increased by 4% and oil jumped 6.4% month over month. Read More

Tallgrass Interstate Gets OK to Convert Segment to Crude

FERC Thursday approved Tallgrass Interstate Gas Transmission LLC's (previously Kinder Morgan Interstate Gas Transmission LLC) proposal to sell a 432-mile mainline segment to affiliate Tallgrass Pony Express for the purpose of converting it to transport crude oil from the Bakken and Denver-Julesburg/Niobrara shales. Read More