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Record-Setting Winter 2013-14 for Northern Natural

Record-setting cold and snow in much of its market area this winter produced record-shattering natural gas deliveries through Omaha-based Northern Natural Gas Co.'s interstate pipeline and storage system from the Permian Basin to the Upper Midwest. Average deliveries in January topped 4 Bcf/d for the first time ever.

In its most recent monthly newsletter, the MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co. subsidiary said November through March ranged from 15% to 33% colder than normal. Market deliveries to its 81 utility customers and others during the first seven days of January ranged from 4.83 Bcf/d to 5.14 Bcf/d. All of the early January daily deliveries surpassed the company's all-time previous daily peak of 4.81 Bcf/d, Northern Natural said.

For the first time in the history of the Berkshire Hathaway pipeline company, January average deliveries topped 4 Bcf/d (4.057 Bcf/d), and February came close to topping the 4 Bcf level, too, averaging 3.985 Bcf/d.

During the winter heating season Northern had 49 days when market deliveries topped 4 Bcf/d, compared to eight days above that level in winter 2012-13 and five days in winter 2011-12. The previous two winters were relatively mild in terms of temperatures and amounts of snow. Before this year, the most days with deliveries above 4 Bcf happened in 2007-08 (23 days).

Winter 2013-14 was 24% colder than normal overall, comparable to winter 2007-08, which was (23% colder than normal, Northern Natural said.

"Northern had a significant test of its pipeline system this winter along with increased demands on our scheduling processes," said Northern's Jodie Floyd, director of gas control. "Both performed very well."

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